Codes of Corporate Dressing


The first code is –  Don’t overplay, underplay…says Sheena Agarwaal

women bossFirst impressions tend to last longer when it comes to the world of professionals. Wear properly fitting clothes with smaller prints, and glam up with subtle makeup if you’re in the corporate world, says an expert.

Sheena Agarwaal, image consultant at Gurgaon-based Urbanista Image Consultancy, has shared some tips on corporate grooming:

* Always dress to project your brand. Do not underplay or overplay. Nothing kills the first impression faster than an interaction that does not inspire trust.

* Clothes need not be expensive but they need to fit well. Understand the right fit for your body design and make sure your clothes look like you own them.

* Stay clear of sheer fabrics and feminine clothes in a very corporate environment, wear smaller prints, close toed shoes, subtle make up, accessories like diamontiles or pearls. Red nail colour is usually not suggested unless your personality supports it.

* Learn about your power colours. Colours have a language of their own and its imperative that your find your fit.

* Hairstyle should be neat, conservative, and preferably off the face. With a few exceptions, hair colour should not be shocking or unusual.

* Keep your makeup simple and appropriate for daytime. Wearing no makeup at all is almost as bad as wearing too much makeup. Research has it that the appropriate amount of makeup has some impact on how people perceive you.

* Importance of grooming can never be discredited. Clean nails, personal hygiene, check on body odour and bad breath all need to be taken into account.

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