‘CONTEMPORARY KRISHNA’ on display in London

Govind Kanhai, Arjun Kanhai and Padma Shri Krishn Kanhai


Govind Kanhai, Arjun Kanhai and Padma Shri Krishn Kanhai
Govind Kanhai, Arjun Kanhai and Padma Shri Krishn Kanhai

Treniq exhibited the debut launch of two internationally acclaimed artists from India – Padma Shri Krishn Kanhai and Mr. Arjun Kanhai. The exhibition entitled ‘LIMITED EDITION – CONTEMPORARY KRISHNA’ was installed at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge on March 27, 2015. Conducted as a pre-function viewing for the invitees of the Asian Business Award, organized by the Asian Media & Marketing Group, Treniq played host to many VVIP guests and acclaimed dignitaries of the Asian community in the UK, along with other celebrated people from different fields.

Art Exhibition by Padmashri Krishn Kanhai and Mr. Arjun Kanhai at the Asian Business Award 2015 – Curated by Treniq.

The exclusive exhibition, announcing the launch of the Kanhai’s who have been in the art field for the last 60 years, presented a rare selection of twelve limited edition paintings for the first time ever. Transforming the world of art with contemporary masterpieces, the artists Mr. Arjun Kanhai and Padma Shri Krishn Kanhai were spotted mingling with honored guests like Rajan Mathai – High Commissioner of India, Pankaj Modi – Deputy Director of Information in the Gujarat Government and Ramniklal Solanki – Founder of Asian Media Group, among other esteemed guests who were seen enjoying the oils on canvas.

Treniq-image3While being interviewed by NDTV, Arjun exclaimed that their artwork would be a new experience for the UK audience and with the increasing demand for India art in the west; he believed that this exhibition would be a success. While Padma Shri Krishn Kanhai mentioned that it was one of the best international exhibitions that he had been a part of. He, personally, was very satisfied with the response from his VIP collectors.
“For an artist, Art around the world is always fascinating. For me personally, art in the west and in India are the same as they are self-expressions on canvas. Both forms of art have so much technique and depth in style. However, I also acknowledge the cultural variations, which are the main differentiating factor between west and Indian art, but this only makes it all the more alluring to enjoy!” – states Padma Shri Krishn Kanhai
The limited edition paintings exhibited at the Award stem from an emotional interpretation that God resides in each one of us, and are portrayed on canvas using mixed media, 24-karat gold foil and oil paints. Judging by the interest in the paintings and subsequent sales, the exhibition was a hit with the Asian community, creating many new platforms for Treniq to collaborate with the Kanhai’s in future to bring to the art lovers in UK, unique and luxuriously one-of-a-kind paintings.

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