Cook and create healthy eating

Bina Sitaram, founder of Earth Buds

A Leicester-based social enterprise which teaches children and young people about health eating, sustainable living and the environment, is spreading its wings to Birmingham….writes Anjana Parikh

Bina Sitaram, founder of Earth Buds
Bina Sitaram, founder of Earth Buds

The organisation is ‘Earth Buds’, which was founded by Bina Sitaram, and specialises in delivering programmes in schools to raise awareness of these issues through its innovative ‘cook and create’ programme.

“The goal behind the project is to reach out to 6,000 children who shall be able to experience an element of the programme, and 600 children to benefit from the full six week programme.  This will have a profound positive impact on the children and how they make their food choices, which will lead to healthier diets and a better understanding of food and the environment.  Earth Buds believe that it is essential that children are taught about healthy eating and sustainable practices, as the two things which humans cannot survive without is food and air.  It is also an excellent opportunity for corporates and SME’s to get involved at grass root level making a positive impact whilst meeting CSR commitments, and increased brand awareness,” said Sitaram.

The course will teach the students of 20 primary schools in Birmingham about the health benefits of different foods, the origins of what they eat, and how to read food labels effectively.

It also explores the impact food production has on the environment, and includes a ‘grow your own’ element to encourage children to plant, maintain and reap their own food.

She said: “The children are to take on a six week food discovery journey.  One session lasting for two hours will be delivered each week to one class comprising 30 children.

Also during this time there shall be one pop up Cook & Create event at each of the 20 schools where the rest of the school children are able to experience an element of the programme, which will leave the children with a better understanding of the importance of a healthy diet which is high in real (unprocessed / whole) foods, food labels, the importance of leading a sustainable lifestyle to protect the environment we love in.”

The Earth Buds cook and create programme also teaches children about business and encourages the development of entrepreneurial skills.

It includes a ‘Dragons Den’ style pitch, where children pitch their food enterprise ideas.

Earth Buds promotes healthy eating, sustainable living practices, and entrepreneurial skills.

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