‘Daddy Cool’ to Hit Mumbai

Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell in Mumbai on Saturday

Boney M’s Liz Mitchell says Indians are really loving and kind as she prepares to perform in Mumbai on Saturday….writes Ankit Sinha

Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell in Mumbai on Saturday
Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell in Mumbai on Saturday

They have mesmerised fans of pop and disco music for over four decades, etching their name in the annals of music history with hits like “Daddy Cool” and “Rasputin”. And now Boney M, featuring lead vocalist Liz Mitchell, will have their maiden performance in the country this weekend, and Mitchell says the group “loves the thought of coming to India”.

“I am very happy to know that people in India and around the world still find pleasure in the music of Boney M,” Mitchell said ahead of their performance in Dublin Square at Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla, Mumbai on Saturday.

“I am sure that love and harmony in our music and a wonderful spirit of joy has touched the hearts of all who love the music. We all love the thought of coming to India, the people are really loving and kind. Most of all we are looking forward to performing for all our fans,” she added.

The Jamaican-British singer said that at the show, fans can expect “all the hits from the 1970s as well as later albums”.

“It feels wonderful to know that our fans in India are still there and strong it is a great feeling,” she said, adding that the group “would love to work with some Indian artistes for sure.”

Although hailing from the glorious 1970s, the veteran singer believes that EDM (electronic dance music), which is currently in vogue, “is complimentary to the life of young people today”.

“They have a lot of anger and this music is drowning and perfect for their feeling. The same change is in their energy,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell believes that although there has been a massive transformation in the way music was recorded and consumed since four decades, the message of her music remains the same.

“Music is the healer and a gift from above. The music I recorded later also represented that. So the beat may have changed, but the message not,” the “By the rives of Babylon” hitmaker said.

Boney M, which was created by German record producer Frank Farian in the 1970s, went to release several hit albums like “Take the Heat Off Me (1976)”, “Love For Sale (1977)” and “Nightflight to Venus (1978)”.

Earlier in March this year, Sony Music released a 40th anniversary edition release called “Diamonds” to commemorate Boney M’s iconic musical legacy.