Dr Farnaaz  MYM project bags Uni of Kent recognition

Farnaaz with Deputy Mayor of Medway Jane Etheridge

With growing cuts planned in the funding of mental health by the NHS , there is every reason for communities to be concerned . In light of this background, responsibility, commitment, dedication and exemplary service shown by an International Association for Human Values volunteer and practising GP , Dr Farnaaz Sharief has gained nationwide recognition. Rahul Laud reports

Farnaaz with Deputy Mayor of Medway Jane Etheridge
Farnaaz with Deputy Mayor of Medway Jane Etheridge

Her pet project – The IAHV-run MANAGE YOUR MIND  (www.manageyourmind.org.uk)  has been externally evaluated by The University of Kent, Centre for Health Service Studies.

“This is a structured programme running which is currently an established healthcare service in Kent,”Farnaaz explains.

Sharief  has every reason to be proud and boast of her recent achievement. She had recently taken on a role as the clinical lead for mental health with the local clinical commissioning group in Medway, Kent.  

The University ‘s recent formal letter to her states that the analysis of data


which was evaluated has validated that of those who completed the Manage Your Mind programme of weekend workshop and 8 weekly sessions:

Anxiety were significantly reduced by 80%(p<0.001)

Levels of Depression were significantly reduced by 75% (P< 0.001).

Based on IAPT criteria (which is what the NHS use):

66 % of people who completed the programme, move to recovery.

74% of people who participated in one or more sessions also moved to recovery

manage your mind (MYM) volunteers and participants
manage your mind (MYM) volunteers and participants

The evaluation further indicates that anxiety and depression was significantly reduced among 31% people who attended one or more than one weekly sessions and 74% people who completed MYM 8 weekly sessions and weekend workshop showed tremendous improvement.

Manage Your Mind has been endorsed and is fully supported by The Medway Mental health Social Care Commissioning Dept and The Medway Adult and Community Learning Service, Farnaaz points out.

“The Manage Your Mind (MYM) Programme, offers people the technique of Sudarshan Kriya – the core of the project. Sudarshan Kriya is a patented technique taught by the Art of Living Foundation.” Sharief also dons the hat as a volunteer member of the Faculty of this Foundation thus making her eligible to teach this technique to the community.

Farnaaz’s aim is to achieve recognition on the NHS.