Drunk passengers to face flight ban


Intoxicated passengers may be put on a blacklist that bars them from flying ….reports Asian Lite News

American AirlinesThe British government is considering action on drunken air passengers after a huge rise in cases of mid-flight disruption, some of which have led to emergency landings.

In some incidents foreign airlines were resorted to restraining passengers with seatbelts and adhesive tape.

Figures from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) show that 156 air rage incidents have been logged by British airlines so far this year — the most since the late Nineties when the novelty of budget air travel began to wear off.

Last year, 114 cases were recorded compared with 85 a year earlier. Only 47 disruptive passenger incidents were logged in 2012 and 39 in 2011.

The clampdown may include tougher checks at the boarding gate to screen out potentially rowdy passengers, or a restriction on the number of drinks bought at airport bars and restaurants.