Eve appeal pins hopes on Khushi


image005 (1)Khushi Kaur, who’s 11 years old and the daughter of  Mumpreneur Kiran Singh, seems to be following in her Mum’s footsteps. Not only does she have her own blog where she shares her passion for food, photography and life itself, she will be attending the local Council’s Youth Council meeting as a guest speaker and the latest news is that she has become the youngest Youth Ambassador for The Eve Appeal. The Eve Appeal is a registered charity, formed in 2002.

Since then, they have worked hard to raise money to fund the world-class research programme at the Department of Women’s Cancer based at University College London (UCL). Major breakthroughs are already being achieved towards improving survival rates of women with gynaecological cancers through the Department’s pioneering research into screening, early diagnosis and risk prediction. To build on these successes and save women’s lives, raising urgent and on-going funds is critical.

“I am truly grateful for this opportunity and will do my best to fulfil the role as a Youth Ambassador by raising awareness and funds towards the groundbreaking research into gynaecological cancers, as part of my Youth Eve Ambassador Award. This cause is very close to my heart as I lost my Grandma to cancer in April 2007,  I was 2.5 years old at the time. It has been sad growing up without her, and every time I see other children with their Grandmas – I get upset as I don’t have that privilege. Please support me and my cause as I truly believe that no child should have to grow up without the love of their Grandmas.

My mission is to make an impact and change not just your future but the future of women across the world – through fundraising and raising awareness.” says Khushi Kaur. I received an email from The Eve Appeal in regards to my Youth Ambassador Application; “The Youth Eve scheme that we offer, is usually aimed at those a little bit older. But I know that Khushi’s enthusiasm and dedication means that she would make a fantastic candidate as the youngest member of Youth Eve! It is really fantastic that she is so passionate about raising awareness and fundraising for gynaecological cancers, especially as this is a cause so close to her heart. We would love to have Khushi on board as a Youth Ambassador!”

Athena Lamnisos, CEO of The Eve Appeal said “We are really grateful to Khushi for this superb support. Gynaecological cancers are often tabooed and research is hugely underfunded. It is vital that we young ambassadors to raise public awareness of the cause whilst raising vital funds for life-saving research.”