Food lovers rush to Arnero – MCR’s new restaurant

Sanjeev Toteja and Renu Srivastava co founders of Arnero

Food lovers are delighted. Their dream of experiencing a truly authentic Indian cuisine has come true. Food at the newly opened restaurant Arnero is modern; contemporary yet has the flavour of home which reminds you of your mother’s cooking if you have been away from home, especially India.

Sanjeev Toteja and Renu Srivastava co founders of Arnero
Sanjeev Toteja and Renu Srivastava co founders of Arnero

It’s also a dream come true for both Renu Srivastava, a Dubai resident and British Asian restaurateur Sanjeev Toteja. Both say “Arnero has been years in the making.’’ They narrate their story as to how it’s finally a result of their family friendship and their passion and love for great food and hospitality which is something that most of their friends have always shared.

Renu has been a Dubai resident for several years and her trips to UK and Manchester enabled her to make her dream become a reality. She chose to invest in this Northern city of England as she found that there was truly “an absence and lack of a good Indian restaurant which caters to vegetarians as well.” 

Manchester was the obvious choice for investement for her reastaurant project  as she found here, Sanjeev  who has been in the food

professional staff at Arnero
professional staff at Arnero

and hospitality business for several years. Sanjeev is a professional restaurateur who runs the famous ‘Bollywod Dhaba’ in the Arndale Centre Market and who runs Ethnic Foods which is specialised in industrial catering. His client profile includes Manchester United Club which gives Sanjeev and Arnero the necessary edge over others.

Arnero and setting up a restaurant has also been Sanjeev’s dream. Being in the business he realised there were very few or rather none who served a variety of vegetarian dishes on their menu. Thus it was a perfect combination of passion, skills, talent and professionalism as Sanjeev and Renu joined hands to embark on their venture – Arnero.

 Arnero restaurant Manchester, located in the heart of the City Centre is emerging as the connoisseur’s choice and a place being visited by the discerning. In a candid chat with Asian Lite , Renu Srivastava and Sanjeev Toteja (R&S) tell Rahul Laud, what’s so special that makes Arnero so different and not a “me too’’ Indian restaurant.


Sanjeev Toteja Manchester's industrial caterer, 'dhaba' owner and cofounder of Arnero
Sanjeev Toteja Manchester’s industrial caterer, ‘dhaba’ owner and cofounder of Arnero

AL – What does the name Arnero mean?

R&S – The name “Arnero” was derived from the first two letters of the names of our children as Ar (Arjun)+Ne (Neha)+Ro (Rohan). Also in Spanish it means ‘sieve’. So Arenro sieves the best to serve.

AL – How have you planned the menu?

R&S -The dishes have been carefully chosen to showcase the very best in Indian cuisine. Many of the dishes are our particular favourites. Our mother used to cook at numerous family occasions. But there are some contemporary and signature dishes that you won’t find anywhere else.

AL- Do you offer any special discounts?

R&S -We have our own way of saying Thank You to all. We offer 10% discount to all the Students. Arnero also offers a 10% discount to all employees of the Manchester City Council, British Emergency Services and NHS just by presenting the valid ID. We have tied up with NCP and the NCP is happy to offer a substantial discount up to 75% to Arnero dinners.

fine dining par excellence in Manchester
fine dining par excellence in Manchester

AL — How do you attract office goers being located in a commercial hub?

R&S – We have introduced a new concept of Express Lunch freshly made targeted especially to the office goers.
One Meat Platter includes: One meat starter, one Meat & one Vegetarian dish of the day. Served with Rice, Naan & Salad is served at £6.99.
and the Vegetarian Platter contains: One Veg starter and two Vegetarian dishes of the day. Served with Rice, Naan & Salad at £5.99.  We also serve evening Tea & Coffee with a selection of sweet & savoury delights between 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm every Tuesday – Sunday.

AL – What is the cutting edge? How are you different than others who also claim to serve

Renu Srivastav at Arnero in Manchester making her dream come true
Renu Srivastava at Arnero in Manchester making her dream come true

“authentic Indian’’ cuisine?

R&S– Our food is neither oily nor greasy. Our chefs carefully capture the robust flavours from various regions, offering a tempting array of Mughlai, Dum Pukth Biryanies, North Indian curries, a large variety of succulent tandoori-cooked kebabs, Indian breads, curries, cooked with fresh ingredients and a selection of aromatic spices & handpicked herbs.

Probably ours is the only restaurant in Manchester which offers such a wide range of vegetarian starters and dishes in the Mains.

Our passion for cooking reflects in our carefully crafted menu which comprises of dishes from various regions of India. Our menu also offers some fabled roadside dishes and street food. Kheema Pav, Masala Omlette, all our kebabs and different parathas are our specialities. Our cooking is transparent as we have an open kitchen which allows guests to watch our expert chefs prepare their dishes.

AL – What are the challenges you face?

R&S – The biggest challenge is finding a good chef as per our requirement. There is definitely a shortage of good chefs in the industry here. We need to ease out visa regulations to make this restaurant industry more encouraging for more players to enter. Also the pace has to become rapid to issue various clearances to new establishments.