Goodbye Dad…!


I believe this is a true story….writes Bikram Vohra

old age young respect the old geriatry familyThe tall man with a military bearing walked into the hospital and as he was approaching the nurses’ station in the ICU he heard a voice from a bed saying, son you have come, I have been waiting days.

The man stopped and looked at the frail old man on the bed linked to a platoon of machines that beeped and blipped.

He sat down next to the man and held his hands. The relief on the old man’s face was tangible.

They sat that way all night and as the sun cut the darkness the old man breathed deeply, clenched the man’s hand and died.

The nurse, who was just going off duty commiserated, I am sorry abut your father.

The stranger smiled wanly and said, oh, he’s not my father, I have no idea who he is.

But you spent the night sitting by his side, she said.

The man shrugged. He found comfort in it, he said, I couldn’t let him be.

So why did you come to the hospital in the first place.

I was sent by headquarters to meet a retired Colonel Valenki, I need to see him so I can break the news to him that his son was killed in an enemy skirmish yesterday on the order.

You can’t, said the Nurse.

Why not?

Be cause the person lying there on the bed, he is Colonel Valenki.

PS: I believe this is a true story. I don’t care, it is uplifting period.