“Google is nice but computerised music is not good’’

Asha Bhosle with her corporate chef Ashwani Rangta

Asha Bhosle was here in Manchester . She spoke to Asian Lite on several topics from food to music and films. Extracts of an exclusive tete tete she had with Rahul Laud

Asha Bhosle with her corporate chef Ashwani Rangta
Asha Bhosle with her corporate chef Ashwani Rangta

Depite being jet lagged after completing a 6 show USA tour, the legendary singer Asha Bhosle never allowed her smile to fade as she entered to launch her newly opened £2m restaurant located in the elegant Grade 11 listed building at Peter Street in Manchester which is her 10th venture across the globe and second after Birmingham in UK.

At first glance you are overwhelmed, take a deep breath of joy, you feel honoured privileged to meet her who has been singing since the 1940s and has recorded over 11,000 songs. Incredibly talented that she is, she prefers to chat in either Marathi or Hindi and she does not pretend about it. That reflects on her straight forward attitude towards life and events.

On why Asha’s in Manchester after Birmingham

I am a huge United fan. Manchester is well known from all around the world. It’s an international city with an international airport, and you can see the city is growing and developing very fast. Not only that I’m a fan of Manchester football, I also love Pele and the Argentinian team. I even follow Wimbledon and cricket. In Manchester we found this Heritage building very interesting in a prime location. Secondly my focus is also on serving variety of vegetarian delicacies which is not available in Manchester.  London has over 300 restaurants and it’s too crowded. Manchester also deserves some stylish dining, isn’t it?

On love for food and cuisine

I love both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. I love to learn when i visit different places. This is reflected in the recipes and menu we serve . So you will find different varieties and flavours in Dal, kormas, currys from different parts of India and middle east as we well.

If I leave sining I can always back on my restaurant business and serve food (she laughs!)

On not opening a restaurant in India

It’s not easy to open a restaurant in Mumbai or India. There are several process and hurdles which are discouraging. It takes huge time for to get clearances and my son and our company doesn’t desire to waste time and money.

On secret of being young and cheerful always

There is no secret. It’s very simple. One should think positive always and never ever be negative. Suggest to your body positive things and body then respects your wish and command.

On stars becoming singers today

Most of them have no knowledge of neither sur taal or singing. But electronics helps them. You have machines and computers who can give them support to make them sound in sur and taal.

On electronics and computers in music

I am not against technology or computers. Google is good as it helps with information. But this use of technology is not good. Music is killed and lost in the process. How can a machine replace human voice?

On becoming a producer of films

No way. I shall never become one. The fact that I have worked in the industry for over six decades itself educates me not to become a producer.(she smiles!)You can’t trust anybody there. Most of them are ‘dhokebaaz’

On actors in industry today

I don’t understand this phenomena that actors are tall but all these heroines most of them are short. Some look beautiful like Katrina Kaif thus some who don’t know acting their lack of skill is hidden with their beauty. But I love beauty so i don’t mind them lacking skills. Beauty for an actrees is very important. Male actors should be macho. I like Hiritik Roshan very much. I find him a complete actor. He is tall, he acts well and excellent dancer.

On singers today

Most of the singers don’t sing with emotion. Some of them attend phones during recording sessions. Thus there is no mood created which is required for every singer.

On lyrics today

My didi (Lata Mangeshkar) and I both dislike lyrics like Zandu Balm, Halkat jawani, sheela ki jawani. The word halkat is an abuse in Marathi. Such lyrics cannot make a good song.