Harley Street plastic surgeon Jawad to be sacked  

Dr Jawad


Harley Street plastic surgeon who treated acid attack victim Katie Piper faces sack …reports Asian Lite News

Mohammad Ali Jawad will be sacked for trying to woo patient with vodka and Julio Iglesias.

Dr Jawad
Dr Jawad

Jawad is known for his work with model Katie Piper and featured in an Oscar-winning documentary
A top plastic surgeon could be struck off after a disciplinary panel found he had behaved inappropriately by trying to make a patient dance to Julio Iglesias with him during a consultation, reports Daily Mail Online.

Mohammad Ali Jawad, who treated acid attack victim Katie Piper, drank vodka with a female patient at his practice in Harley Street in what a tribunal said was a ‘deplorable’ breach of his responsibilities.

The 56-year-old surgeon also asked the woman, ‘Do you see me as a man or a surgeon?’ – but insisted that he only did what his patient asked during the encounter in October 2012.

Panel chairman David Kyle told Daily Mail Online: ‘Although Dr Jawad maintains that this was the only music on his iPhone, and although there is a dispute over how he came to play it, the panel has found that he chose to play music of a nature conducive to his subsequent request to Patient A to dance with him.

‘It is the drinking of alcohol that is at the heart of the matter and that the drink he consumed disinhibited Dr Jawad to the point of behaving in a sexually motivated way.

‘Although Dr Jawad has expressed regret about the event, there has been no notable expression of remorse towards Patient A.

The Panel considers that his principle regret is for the consequences and the impact on him.

‘The panel is of the view that Dr Jawad’s actions in consuming alcohol, playing music that was not clinically justified, grabbing Patient A’s arms and lifting her out of her chair and asking her the “man or surgeon” question, significantly crossed the boundaries of the doctor-patient relationship and clearly breached the guidelines as set out above.

During his three-hour meeting with Patient A, who is in her 30s, Jawad showed her a YouTube clip of his attendance at the Pride of Britain awards and then started to compliment her appearance.

The patient gave the doctor a bottle of vodka as a gift, but he then opened the alcohol and poured it into two shot glasses.

Patient A said: ‘He had promised to tell me details about Katie Piper, but he wasn’t sharing details about her treatment. He was telling me how she was healing and that she was very good and that’s it.

‘I gave him the bottle and sat down. I started to ask him questions about the treatments he was offering me. He was drawing and trying to explain what would be the procedures and how they would work.

‘He kept crystal glasses in his office and started to put the vodka in those glasses. We had a shot first and I think he had a few then he put the vodka in the bigger crystal glasses.

‘I had never drunk with a doctor but on the other hand I felt pressurised to drink with him. I wasn’t able to tell him I wouldn’t drink it.’

She added that he left the room and came back with a bottle of red wine, then put a Julio Iglesias song on his iPhone and started to dance with her.

Jawad asked, ‘Do you see me as a man or a surgeon?’, but when the patient said she only saw him as a doctor he released her and she left the surgery, the tribunal heard.

The surgeon’s fate will be decided at a further hearing next month. He was cleared of allegations he massaged the patient’s neck and touched her breast.

He is now believed to be living and working in Pakistan.