Hello Houston…Hussain is coming !

Hussain Manawer, 24, from Ilford

Hussain Manawer, 24, from Ilford, will be the first British Asian to go into space….reports Asian Lite News

Hussain Manawer, 24, from Ilford
Hussain Manawer, 24, from Ilford

Mr Manawer won a global competition to go into space.

He has dedicated the planned trip to “every single person who has suffered from mental health”.

Manawer was chosen as the winner of the One Young World competition at a ceremony in Bangkok. He was one among the three short-listed candidates.

In his acceptance speech, Manawer said: ” I am Hussain and I am not a terrorist” (Please watch the video) 

He beat entrants from 90 countries to win the $100,000 trip, which will see him travel more than 60 miles above the Earth into the area between the atmosphere and outer space, where there is no gravity. The trip will take place in 2018.

Mr Manawer, who was a torch bearer during the 2012 Olympics, initially submitted an audition tape after spotting the competition on Twitter.

Speaking in the Thai capital after winning the competition, he said: “This spaceship, I want to dedicate this to every single person who has suffered from mental health, every young boy, girl, man, woman who sits in their bedroom crying and you don’t know why, everyone who avoids mirrors because you don’t like what you look like.

“I want to tell you, if you are suffering from mental health it is absolutely fine. Welcome to the club, there are seven billion of us.”

Manawer, whose acceptance speech earned him a standing ovation from the crowd, also spoke on behalf of “two billion sane Muslims on the planet”, saying he stood in support of the war on terror.

Once Manawer was announced as the winner, the summit was shown his entry video, which consisted of a spoken word poem addressing his battle with mental illness.

“I don’t mean to take this deep, in fact I really do. You asked me to make a video, so this is my testimonial to you.

“I can’t go to sleep at night, knowing misfortunes occur on this planet. I feel like a bandit, covering his eyes with a blanket, then has the nerve to say he’s a creative and his ideas are organic.

“I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and raised thousands for charity, but what that money done I don’t know and I really need clarity. I spent 19 days in Botswana helping rebuild a village, and that showed me we need to donate more than 19 days to help the world and everyone that’s in it.

“I was in Chicken Cottage thinking ‘trust me, yeah, man’s going to take this far’. Then I’m sitting with.. talking about world peace when I’m out in Qatar…

“…We need to pay more attention to our psychological injuries, rejection, deceit, failure, are all a part of our journey to victory. Do you know how many people I know who suffer through depression and anxiety? And to me they’re all princes and princesses that every day is a performance for royal variety.

“Am I going too deep? Shall I drop an anchor? I can switch it up if you want, trust me, I got banter.”

Hussain applied to the programme hoping to inspire and empower younger generations.  His achievements already include travelling to Botswana to help build a school at the tender age of 18 and being among the elite few who became Olympic torchbearers for the London 2012 Olympics.

Whilst studying for his BSc in Quantity Surveying at Westminster university, the up-and-coming media mogul climbed Mount Kilamanjaro, raising thousands of pounds for charity.

At present, as well as interviewing a host of influential public figures on his online channel ‘Hussain’s House’, the talented poet takes time out of his schedule to visit schools across the country, speaking to young people about issues such as cyber bullying and the importance of self expression through the arts.