How come I’m Not Losing Weight?

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Dr Sally Norton, NHS Weight Loss Surgeon, founder of,  offers advise to Asian Lite News readers on how to lose weight, live life, diet free! 

Obesity Health Watch over weight Most of us will admit to being on a diet at some point in our lives, so why are so many of us still overweight? There are a number of reasons your weight-loss attempts may not be working… Here are a few of the real reasons why you’re not losing weight.

You need more sleep
Sleep can have a bigger effect on your weight than you might think. Research has shown a direct link between the number of hours sleep you get and your weight.. Put simply, these studies suggest that when we have a bad night’s sleep it decreases the body’s hormone that regulates appetite – leaving our hunger levels at an all-time high.

You’re not getting any younger
We naturally lose muscle mass as we get older. Combine this with our naturally slowing metabolisms, and it makes it much harder for us to lose weight. So what can we do about this? Increasing our protein intake and amount of exercise that we do could help us to drop the pounds… we think of protein as something that will bulk us up.

You want quick-fix results

Most of us will have been there at some point… we want results fast, so we try a quick fix diet in the hopes to lose weight as quickly as possible, but only end up failing at the diet and putting on all (if not more) of the weight we lost while on the diet. Quick fix diets simply don’t work.

You’re stressed
We all admit to reaching for fatty and sugary foods when we are under stress, simply because they trigger those pleasure zones in the brain and make us feel better. Try to manage your stress to keep you feeling in control – and less likely to binge on junk foods that will only leave you feeling worse in the long-run!

You’re not addressing the real issue
Putting yourself on a quick fix diet may work in the short-term, but if you’re not addressing the real reasons you overeat, or eat the wrong foods, then those issues will only end up resurfacing in the long-term, and you could end up putting back on the weight you’ve lost – and even more! So instead of thinking about WHAT you eat, think about WHEN, WHERE and WHY.

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