Indian Maid Lost Hand in Saudi Abuse

Kasthuri Munirathinam at Riyadh hospital

The right arm of an Indian maid  working in Saudi Arabia was chopped off by her Saudi employer in Riyadh for complaining to officials about ill treatment….reports COT Azeez

Kasthuri Manirathinam at Riyadh hospital
Kasthuri Munirathinam at Riyadh hospital

Kasthuri Manirathinam’s right arm allegedly chopped off by her employer for lodging a complaint against them for ill-treating her. She is admitted at Kingdom Hospital in Riyadh.  She reached Saudi Arabia three  months ago to take up work as a domestic housemaid.

Indian diplomatic officials led by First Secretary of Indian Embassy Anil Notyal visited Kasthuri at the hospital in the capital.  They have taken up the matter with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and asked for strict action in the matter and severe punishment for those involved.

Tamil Nadu wing of Indian Social Forum in Riyadh is taking care of the woman. The investigation, which was carried out by Al-Sahafa police, has been handed over to Saudi Investigation Bureau. Kasthuri is the only breadwinner of her family, which consists of her ailing husband, three daughters and one son.

Embassy sources said her condition is improving.  She was admitted to the hospital by the police with the help of an Indian driver Rasheed Khan.

Kasthuri Maniratnam
Kasthuri Manirathinam at Riyadh hospital

While taken to hospital in ambulance of the Red Crescent, her condition was so critical and doctors insisted of an emergency surgery, said Jisha, a staff nurse hailing from Idukki district of Kerala.

Kasthuri was reluctant for an operation. Doctors at the hospital cautioned her without undergoing the surgery she will not survive. Then only she agreed for that, nurse elaborated. Kamal, another Indian from Tamil Nadu working at the same hospital is helping Kasthuri.

The 56-year-old woman from North Arcot near Vellore in Tamil Nadu.  In August, Kasthuri was first taken to Damam and later shifted to a house in Riyadh, occupied by women. She was reportedly burdened with heavy workload and was not even allowed to make calls to relatives back in India. She had been facing harassment from the very beginning and she alleged she was saddled with work without proper food.

The Saudi government departments periodically conduct inquiries and ascertain the welfare of housemaids of foreign origin. When the government agency inquired of Kasthuri, she complained that she was being ill-treated.

The attack occurred on the intervening night of September 29-30, according to her relatives in India. When Kasthuri managed to get help from a Tamil Nadu native, she was locked up inside a room and was subjected to mental and physical torture ever since. Once when she received death threat from the women, she tried to escape through the window of her room. However, when she got out, her employer allegedly chopped off her hand.