Is Rahul Gandhi British?

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi (FIle)

How tough is it to officially find out if Rahul Gandhi was ever British?  Just make a phone call and stop waving private pieces of paper about…writes Bikram Vohra

 Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi  (FIle)
Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi (FIle)

We have a massive High Commission functioning in London. We have 1.6 million Indians in the UK working in government and media and even the intelligence services. By that token we have our own intelligence services working across the globe.

We have Prime Minister Modi who is best chums with his counterpart David Cameron and three days ago we saw  tangible evidence of that friendship.

Both nations are members of the Commonwealth and share information. In this hi-tech age nothing is secret.

Surely, it needs one call to the UK Foreign Office to get a confirmation if this accusation against Rahul Gandhi applying for British citizenship has any merit. This is the number of the Foreign Office on King Charles Street: +44 20 7270 3000.

They are closed now but will reopen in the morning. Give them a yell.

If the UK government issued him a passport or can show an application under his signature he is toast. Dump him, make him pay the penalty, whatever the law says. The paper trail would be thick and impossible to cover up. He is the son of a former Prime Minister of India and with the BJP in the current bi-lateral flow of affection even the Brits would be hard-placed to wipe out the trail.

Let’s go a step further. Where were our agencies these ten years of which we can for the sake of argument concede the Congress strong-armed Whitehall into submission but the BJP has been in command for 18 months and now this comes up.

You cannot get a bloody visa to the UK as an Indian without jumping through coloured hoops and doing the most humiliating Q and A possible and this guy strolled in and got a British citizenship and the whole of the Indian administrative system never knew.

The Indian PM went to the UK under high level security and Rahul Gandhi’s name never came up in a background check.

Try getting a Brit passport. Half the guys working there in the passport services are Indian and no one said, uh hoh, isn’t this that Rahul Gandhi fellow.

There is no mystery, no great intrigue. Either he did or he didn’t apply for a document that made him a British passport holder. Even Mohammad Al-Fayed couldn’t get one and he owned Harrods and his son, Dodi, was dating Princess Diana.

Does Mr Subramaniam Swamy have any idea how vicious the tabloid press is in the UK. You think they would pass up a story like this for a decade and nobody would come to know. Heathrow has more Indians in the airport than Delhi, if you get the drift. Half of Immigration is Indian, innit.

Throw the book at Rahul Gandhi by just demanding, not asking, but demanding an answer. Summon the British High Commissioner to the External Affairs Ministry and ask for an official clarification. Is that so difficult? You should get an answer in a day.

Ask Rahul Gandhi directly… he is on Indian soil, what’s the problem?

Having his name on some company document without legal or official declaration is not evidence and that is plain common sense.

When you can print currency what is the big deal in producing some company document with wrong information.

That said, there is one area of grey. That cutting out of the nationality from British to a handwritten Indian is odd. And clumsy. And foolish. And amateurish. Surely, if Gandhi was guilty someone on his side would have had the common sense not to be so obviously stupid.

What it boils down to is simply finding out the answer officially and ending this speculation.

Attn: Rahul Gandhi

Did you at any stage apply for a British passport?  Yes. No.

Have you ever filled in any form requesting British citizenship? Yes. No.

Were you, at any time a British passport holder? Yes. No.

Have you ever been abroad from India on any passport besides Indian? Yes. No.

Have you ever been rejected by the British government in an application to be a British citizen? Yes. No.

Sign here.