Kafkaesque tips for decoding


Kafkaesque trials to decode a dream, leaving mark at work and other tales….Vikas Dutta’s Book-Shelf 

Enrich your weekends with these inspiring books. Read a tale of a photographer who cannot get the dream of a three-legged dog out of his head. Join in his Kafkaesque trials to decode the dream. Also learn how to leave your mark at work, with the right tools. Being admission-time for many colleges abroad, also learn how to crack the code of landing at your dream university. This week, yet again, the Asian Lite bookshelf comes with an assorted fare. Read on!

Smile Joker Funny Fun35 and Sexless in Ahmedabad; Author: Robin David; Publisher: Harper Collins;
The journalist-turned-author of this book pens a dark comedy about a lonely man’s quest for real connections in life.

Anant, a struggling photographer in Ahmedabad, often has a recurring nightmare. He sees a three-legged bitch chained to his ankle, dragging him out of anger. He cannot find a way to free himself nor can he get the dream out of his head.

Attempting to demystify the dream, Anant turns to Google and then psychiatrists for help, but they leave him on a Kafkaesque spree to gain knowledge.

But what does the dog mean? Is it Raashee, his old lover who now exists digitally only on chat windows? Or Diane Arbus, the legendary 1960s photographer whose groundbreaking ideas find no one interested in Ahmedabad? Or is it his father, with whom Anant doesn’t have the most perfect relationship? One needs to read this compelling tale to decode the answer behind this dream.

 Leave Your Mark; Author: Aliza Licht; Publisher: Piatkus

For all the competitive ones who want to excel at work, this book offers the right ways to do so. Coming from a communications executive, the book has key insider tips on how to nail a perfect job – and later how to excel in it. She tells her story drawing lessons from her experience as a fashion publicist.

For instance, there’s her clever use of Twitter and how it led to her success as “fashion’s favourite PR girl”.

This guide opens the key to succeeding in a contemporary working world, where many a time, personal and professional lines get mixed up.

Acing Admissions; Author: Kavita Mehta and Kimberly Wright Dixit;

Publisher: Collins

There is never a dearth of students in India who are aspiring to study abroad. Be it for their masters in sciences, technologies or even more preferred Ivy League MBAs.

This book comes in handy for those aiming to land in the top colleges of the world. With experts writing the book, it is the perfect guide to profile building and fetching financial aid and other key steps involved.

Studying in dream colleges seems like just a book’s read away!

The Real Life MBA: The no-nonsense guide to winning the game, building a team and growing your career; Author: Jack Welch and Suzy Welch; Publisher: Thorsons

Ever wondered if you can land a dream job you have always been rejected for? Or if the career path you have assumed is the right one for you? How can one unlock one’s potential and excel rightly at work?

Here’s the book to answer many such career-related questions, which could be taking a toll on the personal life. Take these steps from the experts on how to move beyond everyday challenges at work to focus on what really drives you. Unleash the growth hidden in you, to turn into your biggest advantage. Hire people with a technique that leads to far fewer occurrences of ‘What was I thinking?’

Supported by logical arguments, this is a must-read for all aspiring to further their careers.