Labour in Limbo over Corbyn stance on Modi


The past of Corbyn begins to haunt the opposition Labour party as one of his earlier motion seeking ban on Modi in the UK surfaced…reports Asian Lite NewsCorbyn Modi

Mr Jeremy Corbyn, the newly elected Labour leader is known for his firmness on policies and the Indian community believe the Labour leader is opposing the official welcome to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his alleged involvement in the Gujarat riots. 

Asian Lite News has approached the Labour press office and the leadership but so far no replies to the requests for clarfication or statement.

In an Early Day Motion, number 479 of 2013-14, tabled on Sept 4, 2013 by Mike Roy Wood along with Jeremy Corbin, Respect leader George Galloway, Alan Meale, Roger Godsiff and John McDonnell, urged the UK government to impose ban on Modi entering the UK.

The motion says: This House calls on the Secretary of State for the Home Department to reinstitute the ban on (then) Gujarat’s Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, from entering the UK, given his role in the communal violence in 2002 that claimed the lives of hundreds if not thousands of Muslims, including British nationals; expresses its concern that the ban was lifted for economic and diplomatic reasons, ignoring the role Mr Modi and his administration played in the violence that warranted the ban that stood for more than 10 years; notes that Mr Modi was previously denied a visa on grounds that he was “responsible for or directly carried out…particularly severe violations of religious freedom; and calls on Mr Speaker and the House authorities to ban Mr Modi from entering the Palace of Westminster.

UK Welcomes Modi WembleyModi is scheduled to visit UK on November 13 and the Labour leader’s stance on Modi will jeopardise the campaign of Sadiq Khan in the London mayoral elections. The Indian community votes are crucial for the victory of Labour contestant Sadiq Khan MP.

Prime Minister David Cameron wooed the Indian community in the last election campaign through visit to the temples, gurudwaras besides hosting receptions exclusively celebrate Diwali and Eid.

Modi will get one of the largest reception in the British soil and the preparations are on full swing to welcome the Indian prime minister. Some Labour leaders like Virendra Sharma MP are welcoming Modi.

Sharma MP, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on India-UK Relations said: “The UK’s 1.5 million India diaspora are an excellent bridge between the UK and India. Prime Minister Modi has the largest democratic mandate in the history of the world. As a person of Indian origin, I am hugely looking forward to this defining moment where we can celebrate our democracies and shared values.”

Asian Lite will produce a special edition on Modi's UK visit
Asian Lite will produce a special edition on Modi’s UK visit

Indian Diaspora Champion Priti Patel MP, UK Minister for Employment, also welcomed Modi. She said: “The UK Government places huge importance on the special relationship with India. Prime Minister Modi’s forthcoming visit and the community reception will only serve to strengthen the bond of friendship between our two great nations. “

Over 400 community organisations become Welcomes Partners for the grand reception being planned for Modi at Wembley Stadium on 13 November.