‘Manni’ retires after 46 yrs of service from NHS


Manhar Taylor aka Manni retires after 46 yrs of service from NHS….reports Asian Lite News

Manhar Taylor  aka Manni tells Asian Lite News that after semi-retirement 2011 he has finally said farewell to Tameside Hospital after over 46 years of service .

He joined Tameside Hospital on 28 May 1969 – the same week Apollo 10 astronauts returned to Earth, John & Yoko begin their 2nd bed-in (Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal), Britain’s Trans-Arctic expedition makes 1st crossing of Arctic Sea ice, Derek Clayton runs world record marathon (2:08:33.6) at Antwerp, John Lennon & Yoko Ono record “Give Peace a Chance” and Stevie Wonder releases “My Cherie Amore”

Manhar worked in various rolls over the years eventually retiring as a staff nurse, is as well known for his charity efforts as he is for his long service. His long service and dedication to NHS even earned him a visit to a Buckingham Palace garden party where he met many members of royal family and had a chance of speaking to Prince Charles and Camilla.

Manhar was also invited to speak to Prince Charles on second occasion at Haddon Hall for his dedicated voluntary work for Peak District Nation Park. He also carried a Barton for the commonwealth games and was volunteer for the games as a Press Assistant.

Manhar shared with Asian Lite News,  “I feel very proud to be part Tameside Hospital from my teenage years to  my pensionable age,”  he went on to say “all our staff are wonderful, friendly, loyal staff and totally committed to provide patient comfort and care”.

Over the years Manhar has taken part in many charity events including 10K Manchester for last 12 years, Manchester marathon, trekking highest mountain in North Africa Mount Atlas, also organised many charity walks, bike ride from London to Ashton and also charity dinner dance for various charities.

The medical tradition started by Manhar will be carried on by his eldest daughter who is a GP in Tameside. –

Before his retirement Manhar has been the current longest serving member of Operating Theatre Department and probably the longest serving for the Tameside Hospital too.

Community heroes from across the North West were honoured during the 2012 Fusion Awards, held annually to celebrate those who work tirelessly to help their local neighbourhoods. During the glittering ceremony at Ewood Park in Blackburn host Sameena Ali Khan lead the celebration of people from all walks of life, from young sports people and entrepreneurs to charity workers and community groups. Manhar had won the Artic Glass Man of the Year Award for his charity work and raising thousands of pound for good causes during his career at Tameside Hospital. ” I am humbled and delighted to receive the award. I’d like to thank my wife Ramila, as I wouldn’t be here without her.” Manhar said.

Consultant haematologist Tameside Hospital Dr Irfan Qureshi tells Manni , “46 years is life time, you need to be honoured, someone learn to honour our real Heroes.”

Operating Theatre Sister Viv Gosney commented, “Congratulations on your retirement, I just heard the foundations of Tameside Hospital have collapsed, now all the furniture has all gone there’s nothing to hold up all the walls? Enjoy your very well deserved rest and relaxation.”

He acknowledges much changed since he started work- and says he is sorry to leave his job but looking forward to spending more time with his family.