May tightening noose on foreign students

British Prime Minister Theresa May

Following the Home Office’s decision to give overseas graduates the boot,Theresa May is considering even tougher restrictions for International students.

British Home Secretary Theresa May
British Home Secretary Theresa May

The home secretary is floating plans to tighten visa rules for foreign students, meaning they would be required to have even more financial savings when they arrive in the UK.

May wrote a confidential letter to fellow ministers arguing universities should “develop sustainable funding models that are not so dependent on international students” according to BBC newsnight.

 The Home Office said it would not comment on any leaked documents reports Huffington Post.

Earlier this week, May announced foreign students will be forced to leave the UK after they graduate. Overseas students will also not be allowed to work part time, replacing current laws enabling them to work for up to 10 hours a week.

Wes Streeting, MP for Ilford, called for action against the proposals.

“International students make an enormous contribution to UK higher education – both educationally and economically,” he told HuffPost UK. “It is deeply worrying that such a senior politician, who aspires to greater office, doesn’t understand the incredibly competitive global market for international students.

“The Home Secretary’s comments are either self-serving or ignorant.

“Either way, the damage she is doing to UK higher education, one of our most important export industries, should be stamped upon by the Prime Minister.”