My Computer Getting Hung


Bikram Vohra explores the perils of the connected modern life

Angry Computer BreakI was teaching a class the other day and sharing with the students my favouritism ‘–isms’ from back home. Like, ‘I am not remembering it.

Because ‘it is not coming in my mind.’ Maybe because ‘sleep is coming.’

Today I had good experience. I met Mr. Ravi, he is a gem of a person (take your choice, diamond, pearl, ruby, whatever) and he asked me my good name which I said, ‘Myself Bikram, your good name?’

He asked me to ‘do one thing.’

I told him not to mention it and that I would do the needful, anyway.

When I am ‘passing out’ of college I had a teacher with same same name. He helped me whenever my computer got hung.

He told to me that I had very good command of language skills but I am not understanding these days why people not writing good. Too many diversions, no?

Like I meeting this pretty girl, telling her to meet me back side of the building. I saying we share tiffin together. But she not agreeing my invite so I am thinking maybe I making little mistake. Now she telling on me. But at least we win all the spelling bees.