Nehru Centre to host painting exhibitions, music , cinema ‘katha’

paresh chakraborty's paintings

London’s Nehru Centre is all set to host paintings by Paresh Chakraborty, Ella Prakash, ‘Katha’ by Tejinder Sharma on Bollywood’s Kapoor Khandaan , Jaltarang and  Khayal vocal concert which shall enthral the audience between 5-12 October…reports Asian Lite news

paresh chakraborty's paintings
paresh chakraborty’s paintings

Exhibition: Abstractions of the soul

This rare art exhibition showcases the paintings of Paresh Chakraborty alongside some early video works of Peter Donebauer, revealing the mutual inspiration and influence between the two artists across cultures and mediums. Paresh’s paintings belong directly within the western 20th century painting tradition, including the rise of abstraction, yet his paintings were often directly of Indian ragas or influenced by them. Paresh and Peter shared a deep connection with sound and music, either behind or within the works, and a conviction of the role of the spiritual domain in life and art. These themes underlie all the works on show, linked by the common use of abstract imagery. Both believe that the power of abstract imagery can act as a direct window to an inner consciousness. The exhibition will open with a raga performance by TBA, inspired by Paresh’s two last paintings before he died: “Transcendence – New Raga” and “Epiphany – New Raga”.

At Tesserarts Gallery

Date:Monday 05 October 2015

Time:06:15 pm

Open until 09 October during the office hours

Jaltarang concert  by Pt Rajeshwar Acharya

Jaltarang by Pt Rajeshwara
Jaltarang by Pt Rajeshwara Acharya

Pt Rajeshwar Acharya is one of the foremost exponents of Indian classical music from the celebrated Gwalior musical lineage hailing from the famous city of Benares (Varanasi) of India. He holds a Doctorate degree from Benares Hindu University for his research in music. He has taught many performing musicians for the past 27 years and has been in music research for about 36 years. He is a convenor of major festivals whose list is exhaustive. He is an expert in vocal, Jaltarang and Santoor – the 100 stringed Dulcimer.

Pt Sanju Sahai is one of the finest and most sought after Tabla players and belongs to the Benares musical lineage. A child prodigy, he gave his first Tabla solo performance at a major festival in Benares at the age of 9.

Date:Tuesday 06 October 2015

Time:06:30 pm

Ustad Sajjad Hussain sings Khyal

Ustad Sajjad Hussain,Ustad Sajjad Hussain, son of renowned Sarangi- Vadak, Ustad Shabbir Hussain Khan, exemplifies a musical lineage of over seven generations from Jhajjar, about two hours from the capital of India, New Delhi. A complete artist and purist, Gwalior Gharana Khayal Gaayaki tradition is his main forte, and Ustad is adept at innovative renderings during live performances, transitioning seamlessly a versatility of Pure Classical Ragas to Semi Classical Thumris, Ghazals, Bhajans and even Film songs.

Date:Wednesday 07 October 2015

Time:06:30 pm

Tribute to Kapoor Khandaan

Tejinder Sharma (General Secretary of Katha UK), a renowned writer and film analyst) takes us down

Tejinder Sharma (General Secretary of Katha UK)
Tejinder Sharma (General Secretary of Katha UK)

the memory lane and shows the songs from Teen Bahuraniaan, Awara, Dil hi to hai, Phir Subha Hogi, Laila Majnu, Junglee, Dharamputra, Jab Jab phool Khiley, Kal aaj aur Kal, Humrahi, Bobby, Raffu Chakkar, Ram Teri Ganga Maili, Raja Hindustani, Zubaida, Saanwaria and Jawani Diwani.

There is no film family quite like the KAPOORS. A family of professional actors and directors, they span almost eighty years of film-making in India, from the twenties to the present. Each decade in the history of Hindi films has had at least one Kapoor – if not more – playing a large part in defining it.

The most handsome man of his time, Prthviraj Kapoor, landed in Mumbai from Peshawar and started acting in silent movies. He was a part of History when he acted in the first talkie Alam Ara.

His three sons—Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor—have earned secure and distinct places in the celluloid pantheon, dominating Hindi cinema

Date:Friday 09 October 2015

Time:06:30 pm

Solo Exhibition by Ella Prakash

Painting by Ella Prakash
Painting by Ella Prakash

Ella Prakash will launch a solo exhibition and showcase the dynamism of feminine energy. The paintings, are acrylic on canvas 20 pieces will be on display each uniquely knit into an abstract narrative by subtle yet powerful figures, are Ella’s exploration of a woman’s sense of self and healing.

Date:Monday 12 October 2015

Time:06:30 p

Open until 16 October during the office hours