Osborne takes EU campaign to Germany

British Chancellor George Osborne

Osborne will meet his German counterpart Wolfgang Schauble to seek support for UK’s EU reforms package

British Chancellor George Osborne
British Chancellor George Osborne

George Osborne will demand legally-binding safeguards for the single market and a commitment not to “discriminate” against countries not in the euro if it is to remain in the EU, BBC reported.

Mr Osborne will make the comments to German business leaders in Berlin and his meeting with German counterpart Wolfgang Schauble.

The EU’s drive towards an “ever-closer union” is causing “strains” in the UK’s relationship with other European countries, the chancellor is to say.

Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to set out his precise requests for EU reform in the coming days, which will pave the way for the UK’s in-out referendum, promised by the end of 2017.

Mr Osborne will use this visit to give more details of two of the four goals the government hopes to achieve as part of their quest for a new relationship with the rest of the EU – an explicit end to the commitment of ever closer union, where countries inside the EU inevitably become more and more aligned, and a legal guarantee that British businesses won’t lose out because they are not in the eurozone.

On Tuesday Mr Osborne will visit a Siemens factory in the German capital and address BDI, the Federation of German Industries, saying the British people “do not want to be part of an ever-closer union”.