Politicians Dominate Peerage List


Several prominent names from the business and social sectors were missing in the new peerages list announced by the government. The list was dominated by politicians and political strategists….reports Asian Lite News

London sunsetThe government has announced the list of new 40 peerages. The list contains 26  Tories, 11 Liberal Democrats and eight Labour Lords.

The list ignores several prominent members from the business sector who helped the country to survive the worst recession in the recent history.

Of the 45 new peers, over 90 per cent were previously MPs, MEPs, councillors, former political staff or party figures. The new lot will be added to the already swollen 800-plus Upper House of British Parliament  – making it the second-largest legislative assembly in the world after the National People’s Congress of China.  In the past five years Prime Minister David Cameron has appointed 236 new peers.

The new addition included disgraced MPs who cheated on their expenses, a multimillionaire Tory donor, a group of back-room political fixers, The Independent reported. The new members will cost the taxpayer up to £13,500 a day in expenses when the Lords is sitting.

Among the new peers include Douglas Hogg who indirectly billed the taxpayer for the cost of cleaning his moat and tuning his piano at his country house. Mr Hogg, who eventually agreed to pay back £20,000 in overclaimed expenses, had previously been nominated for a peerage by David Cameron in 2011 but was blocked by the House of Lords Appointments Commission.

Among the new Tory peers is James Lupton, a businessman who has given the Tories nearly £3m and is facing questions over allegations that he used his influence with ministers to persuade them to support the troubled charity Kids Company against the advice of civil servants.

Mr Lupton has admitted lobbying the Department of Education on behalf of the charity in the run-up to a £3m grant being awarded to it.

There is also an honour for Stuart Polak who has turned the Conservative Friends of Israel into a formidable fundraising machine for the Tories – with donations of millions of pounds from Britain’s Jewish community.

Tory nominations

James Arbuthnot

Former MP for North East Hampshire and front bench minister

Greg Barker

Former MP for Bexhill and Battle and former Minister of State at the Department for Energy and Climate Change

Kate Fall

PM’s deputy chief of staff

Simone Finn

Special adviser to the Minister of State for Trade

Stephen Gilbert

Deputy chairman of the Conservative Party

William Hague

Former MP for Richmond and former Foreign Secretary

Robert Hayward OBE

Former MP for Kingswood, board member of Dignity in Dying and a trustee of the YMCA

Douglas Hogg QC

Former MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham and held several ministerial roles. Indirectly billed taxpayers for cleaning the moat at his country house and tuning his piano. Had to repay £20,639

Andrew Lansley CBE

Former MP for South Cambridgeshire and former cabinet minister. Claimed for having thatched Tudor cottage painted and  driveway re-shingled before selling for £433,000. Repaid £4,733.

James Lupton CBE

Chairman of Greenhill Europe and former co-treasurer of the Conservative Party

Ruby McGregor Smith CBE

CEO of Mitie Group PLC

Anne McIntosh

Former MP for Thirsk and Malton and chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee

Michelle Mone OBE

Entrepreneur on the board of directors for The Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust

James O’Shaughnessy

Managing director of Floreat Education

Emma Pidding CBE

Former Chiltern District Councillor and former chairman of the National Conservative Convention

Stuart Polak CBE

director of the Conservative Friends of Israel

Gary Porter

Councillor for South Holland District Council and chairman of the Local Government Association

Liz Redfern

Leader of North Lincolnshire Council

Andrew Robathan

Former MP for South Leicestershire and several front bench and government roles

Kate Rock

Vice-chairman of the Conservative Party

Jane Scott OBE

Leader of Wiltshire Council

Kevin Shinkwin

Long-standing voluntary sector professional; lobbyist for Wine and Spirits trade association

Philip Smith CBE

Chief executive of Association of Conservative Clubs

Philippa Stroud

Special adviser to the Work and Pensions Secretary

David Willetts

Former MP for Havant and several front bench roles

Sir George Young Bt CH

Former MP for North West Hampshire and former cabinet minister

Lib Dem nominations

Sir Alan Beith

Former MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed and former chair of the Justice Select Committee

Sharon Bowles

Former MEP for South East England

Sir Malcolm Bruce

Former MP for Gordon, and former Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Lorley Burt

Former MP for Solihull and former chair of the Liberal Democrats

Sir Menzies ‘Ming’ Campbell CH, CBE, QC

Former MP for North East Fife and former Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Lynne Featherstone

Former MP for Hornsey and Wood Green and held several Ministerial positions

Don Foster

Former MP for Bath and former Liberal Democrat Chief Whip

Jonny Oates

Former Chief of Staff to the Deputy Prime Minister in the Coalition Government

Shas Sheehan

Former Councillor for Kew and involved in several community groups

Sir Andrew Stunell

Former MP for Hazel Grove and former DCLG Minister

Dorothy Thornhill MBE

Mayor of Watford; former councillor and assistant headteacher

Labour nominations

David Blunkett

Former MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough and former cabinet minister

Alistair Darling

Former MP for Edinburgh South West and former cabinet minister

Peter Hain

Former MP for Neath and former cabinet minister

Rt Hon Tessa Jowell DBE

Former MP for Dulwich and West Norwood and former cabinet minister

Spencer Livermore

Senior Campaign Strategist for the Labour Party

Paul Murphy

Former MP for Torfaen and former cabinet minister

Rt Hon Dawn Primarolo DBE

Former MP for Bristol South and former minister

Dave Watts

Former MP for St Helens North and former chair of Parliamentary Labour