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RAC AdvertThe RAC has unveiled a new campaign to attract customers. It is offering up to £50 off annual RAC vehicle based membership. A study reveals 92% of members would recommend the RAC to their friends and family. Max £50 is off Roadside, Recovery, At Home, Onward & European. Ends 16.06.15. For more details visit:

Five Top Tips from RAC for Happy Motoring

  • Make sure you’ve got the right breakdown cover – breaking down can end up being a very expensive business if you don’t have good cover. Make sure you have the right level of cover for your needs. Find out how good the provider is at fixing vehicles at the roadside. The RAC only charges for parts, if required, to fix a vehicle and not the labour. And, if you don’t have cover for recovery you could find yourself having to pay for your vehicle to be transported a long distance home if it cannot be fixed at the roadside and you don’t want it to be towed to a nearby garage free of charge. Have you got ‘at home’ cover? In the winter the number of flat battery call-outs from home rises dramatically and there’s nothing worse than finding out you don’t have ‘at home’ cover when you need it most.
  • Watch your fuel economy – accelerate steadily and avoid harsh braking in order to maintain the momentum of your vehicle as this will significantly help to improve your fuel economy. You should also look to lighten your load by removing any heavy items which could be adding needless weight to your vehicle. You should also check tyre pressures as under inflated tyres increase drag, as does a roof rack which isn’t being used, leading to greater fuel consumption.
  • Crackers+on+patrol_909_HRBuying a car – whether you’re buying a new or used car, the RAC can help. stocks thousands of used cars and is free to advertise for sellers. It also provides easy access to a range of products that can give buyers confidence that their next car won’t turn out to be a ‘lemon.’
  • Shop around for the best garage prices – shopping around for servicing, MOTs and general repairs to your vehicle can save substantial amounts of money. To help make this easier the RAC has launched a free garage comparison website – – after all a regularly serviced car will almost certainly save you money in the long term.
  • Don’t forget your insurance renewal date – always remember to look around for cheaper insurance quotes at renewal. Insurance premiums often increase in the second year and by switching to another insurer you could save yourself quite a lot of money. Make a note of your renewal date and get several quotes or use a price comparison website to see how your renewal price compares.
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