Ramadan Kareem from ASDA



Staying true to the essence of Ramadan, Asda’s community colleagues have come together to make the most of this month through their generosity….reports Asian Lite News


Ramadan is about much more than just fasting — it also sees a spirit of charity envelop the UK, with individuals playing their part. Many have different priorities and goals during the holy month. Some aim to pray on a consistent basis, while others aim to help those in need by donating financially or by volunteering their time.

Staying true to the essence of Ramadan, Asda’s community colleagues have come together to make the most of this month through their generosity. They have been supported during this season of giving by Asda who understands the challenge faced by their Muslim colleagues during Ramadan and helped them through the way by paying heed to requests such as change in rota, deputing work load and community outreach.

Faiqa Anjam
Faiqa Anjam

It is 2pm at Asda Hounslow, when the Pharmacy Manager, Faiqa Anjam breaks for her afternoon prayers. Every year during Ramadan – Asda manages her break timings according to her prayer schedule making it easy for the 49-year-old to juggle both work and her spiritual devotion at the same time. When she gets back to her desk Anjam shares, “When I’m fasting during Ramadan I’m not eating during the day. So were I am not having any lunch or coffee, I am also not spending that money. So I use that money to give back during Ramadan. It’s the small things that make a big difference in people’s lives. Just like Asda understands each colleagues smallest desires irrespective of the ethnicity they belong to.”

 While for Anjam, it is the small things that matter for others Ramadan is a time for deep reflection. The practice of abstaining from food and drink is not about making those who observe the month hungry or thirsty. It is about understanding self-restraint and forging a closer union with its creator.

Take the lead from Jasmin Miah, a 43-year-old Checkout Assistant at Asda Hounslow. She is a big advocate of sharing with her neighbours. “For many years now when I’m cooking iftar for my family, I distribute it to my neighbors too, Muslim or not. I’ll go round and share dishes I’ve made for my family, which gives me the opportunity to interact with them, talk about our day, how my fast went etc. Need not mentioning that they now look forward to it every year and I love that they do. It binds as a community.”

During Ramadan there is also a huge focus on charity as Mohammed Chowdhury, a Sales Assistant at Asda from Isleworth explains. “Ramadan is a time when people need to feel supported, and when people are most willing to support others. Supporting the less fortunate during Ramadan is believed to increase an individual’s blessings and open the doors of heaven.”

Taking the benevolent spirit of Ramadan further Asda’s community colleagues team up with the rest of their store members to support their local charity and in return Asda as an inclusive employer makes sure that their Muslim colleagues aren’t disadvantaged because they are fasting.

Waiting patiently for his shift to come to an end, the 47-year-old British Bangladeshi has been working in Asda Hounslow for the past seven years. “Fasting is something I was taught as a child and I practice it religiously. It’s a time of personal sacrifice, reflection and giving among Muslims. In addition to fasting and prayers, I give a lot of charity to those less fortunate both here in the UK and in Bangladesh. I look forward to this month, as I believe Ramadan is an ideal time to reflect on the importance of philanthropy, and to ensure that charitable giving is vital. I hope the donations I make during this month makes a difference for those in need.”

 This Ramadan, Asda has shown the way in not only providing their customers with the best Ramadan deals but also by taking care of their community colleagues and giving them a reason to smile.