Red Ken draws flak for linking 7/7 with Blair

Former prime minister Tony Blair

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone has been criticised for suggesting that Tony Blair was to blame for the deaths of 52 people in the 7/7 London bombings which killed 52 people

Former prime minister Tony Blair
Former prime minister Tony Blair

Mr Livingstone said on Question Time the then-prime minister ignored a security service warning that invading Iraq would make the UK a terror target, BBC reported.

Labour MP Mike Gapes called the comment “despicable”, while Labour backbencher Ian Austin dubbed it a “disgrace”.

Four suicide bombers targeted London’s Underground and a bus on 7 July 2005 killing 52 people.

Mr Livingstone said: “When Tony Blair was told by the security services, ‘if you go into Iraq, we will be a target for terrorism’, and he ignored that advice, and it killed 52 Londoners.

Comedian, and former Labour political advisor, Matt Forde challenged Mr Livingstone on his comments, saying: “This idea that you can absolve the people that killed those innocent Londoners by blaming Tony Blair is shameful.

“Blame it on the people who carried out the atrocity.”

Mr Livingstone responded: “Go and look what they put on their website. They did those killings because of our invasion of Iraq.

“They gave their lives, they said what they believed, they took Londoners lives in protest against our invasion of Iraq.

“And we were lied to by Tony Blair about Iraq, there were no weapons of mass destruction.”


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