Rift in Eton Class come to the fore

Boris Johnson with David Cameron visiting a car factory (File)

Boris Johnson’s close allies are accusing the prime minister of ‘condoning’ a move against the mayor by Chancellor georrge Osborne and Home Secretary Theresa May….reports Asian Lite News

HOW TO FIX IT? Mayor Boris Johnson with Prime Minister David Cameron visiting a car factory (File)
HOW TO FIX IT? Mayor Boris Johnson with Prime Minister David Cameron visiting a car factory (File)

He was the star campaigner for the Tory party in the last election. Boris Johnson, the London mayor, is the most popular Tory politician in the country but he was side-lined by senior ministers close to the prime minister.

Chancellor George Osborne ridiculed his stand on the Third Runway at Heathrow and now Home Secretary Theresa May put a wet towel on the mayor’s proposal to introduce water canons to tame the unruly mobs at London streets.

The mayor is hurt! Friends of Mr Johnson, who returned to the Commons as MP for Uxbridge in May, say there is a concerted effort is under way to belittle and undermine the mayor to hamper his ambitions for the leadership, reports The Time. They said there is Operation Kill Boris is on agenda.

Relations between David Cameron and Boris Johnson have suffered a serious rupture over allegations that the prime minister has been inflicting “deliberate humiliation” on the mayor of London.

The Daily Mail said the Mayor is counting this is part of a deliberate bid, masterminded by the Chancellor, supported by Mrs May and condoned by the Prime Minister, to stop him winning the Tory crown when Mr Cameron resigns before the next Election.
The paper quoted Mr Johnson as saying: ‘They are trying to cut me down to size and humiliate me. The instigators are Osborne and May, but Cameron does nothing to rein them in.

‘I have done everything they asked of me before the Election and afterwards and they treat me like this.’

Mr Johnson was livid with the way Mrs May made a Commons statement rejecting his plan to use water cannon. She did not phone him until 20 minutes before she stood up and told Parliament live on TV – while he sat dejected and humiliated a few feet behind her.

Mr Johnson was brought back into the fold last year and fought loyally alongside Mr Cameron throughout the general election campaign. Many MPs believed he was in pole position to succeed as Tory leader if the party had lost. However, the Tory victory has left Mr Johnson, who remains mayor until next May, a peripheral figure in the 2015 intake, who sits only in political cabinet meetings.