Sanjay Prefers Spice Over Sugar

Sanjay Sood-Smith, the former Apprentice star, launches a new spice business

Sanjay Sood-Smith, the former Apprentice star, launches Tuk In, a new spice business and says he prefers Spice over Sugar….reports Asian Lite News

Sanjay Sood-Smith, the former Apprentice star, launches a new spice business
Sanjay Sood-Smith, the former Apprentice star, launches a new spice business

The popular series the Apprentice is back on our television screens and a whole host of new business professionals are eager to please Sir Alan Sugar.

Former contestant Sanjay Sood-Smith may not of won The Apprentice, but he prefers Spice over Sugar these days and feels the new contestants are not quite up to par, “This year’s candidates wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes in our series. There seem to be less sharks in the water to deal with as well. By week four last year 8 people had already been fired, maybe Sugar is going soft?”.

Stepping away from his former banking career, Sanjay has launched Tuk In, a brand new business and tasty new curry-in-a-naan.

Curry is the perfect winter warmer and one of the UK’s most popular foods, but with the fast paced society we live in, we rarely have time to make it ourselves.  Former Apprentice star Sanjay Sood-Smith and business partner Thomas Cropper have created a solution that is not only ready in 90 seconds, it is perfect for those on the move.  Tuk In is made from the finest ingredients and curry-in-a-naan means you can have your favourite curry any time of the day!

Sanjay’s mother made him Chicken Tikka sandwiches for school and these tasty treats and business partner Thomas Cropper dreamt up the idea of curry-in-a-naan in at Cambridge University, he then opened his own store and the product was so popular that Tuk In was born. Imagine delicious curry mixed with succulent pilau rice and sealed in a soft nann bread. This tasty lunch time meal is made from healthy ingredients and with low sugar and saturated fat, a great alternative to the same old sandwiches!

Tuk In comes in three delicious flavours, Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka and Chicken Jalfrezi. Everyone knows that the best way to eat a curry is scooping it up in a bit of naan.   Tuk In, curry-in-a-naan –  enables you to enjoy the delicious taste of curry, whilst keeping your hands clean.

Sanjay shares “I’m glad I didn’t win – it’s meant that I’m starting Tuk In and creating a business with Indian food, something I’m truly passionate about. I definitely prefer spice over Sugar anyway”. As the Apprentice heats up, so does Tuk In and in only 90 seconds.