Sharma supports hunting ban

Virendra Sharma MP with Brian May


Mr Virendra Sharma, senior Labour politician and MP from Ealing Southall, meets Brian May,  ace guitarist and animal welfare activist, and offers his support to Team Fox which opposes the Conservative plan to make changes to the Hunting Act.  

Virendra Sharma MP with Brian May
Virendra Sharma MP with Brian May

Sharma and May have pledged to work together to battle for animal welfare and keep the ban on hunting in place during this parliament.

Virendra Sharma said he was “delighted” to be working with Brian and Team Fox in the fight for this important cause. “During the meeting we spoke about politics and Parliament, but most of all about our need to maintain the Hunting Act and champion animal rights here in Parliament,” said Sharma. He assured, “I will vote against any legislation to repeal or weaken the 2004 Hunting Act and will encourage colleagues to do the same if the government brings forward the promised free vote on repeal.”

The Hunting Act, which came into force in 2005, bans the hunting of wild mammals including foxes, deer and hares with dogs. It has proved to be the most successful wildlife legislation passed by Parliament, with over 400 prosecutions to date.

Brian May, besides being an astrophysicist and a Queen guitarist, also runs his own animal rights charity, the Save Me Trust, named after the Queen Song that he penned. The charity campaigns for the protection of all animals against unnecessary, cruel and degrading treatment. He was appointed vice-president of animal welfare charity the RSPCA in 2012.