Sharma Supports Medical Research

VirendraSharma MP

Virendra Sharma MP met some of the UK’s leading medical scientists to hear how their ground-breaking research is helping to save and improve the lives of millions of people….reports Asian Lite News.

VirendraSharma MP
VirendraSharma MP

At an event in Westminster on July 1, Virendra Sharma MP heard how research was making vitalprogress in tackling conditions such as arthritis, birth defects, cancer, brain injuries in new-bornbabies, dementia, diabetes and heart disease.

Virendra Sharma MP said: “Millions of people across the UK have been saved or had their quality of life improved because of medical research”.

“The UK’s world-leading researchers are making an extremely valuable contribution to the health of people in Ealing Southall and the nation, through better treatments, diagnosis and prevention of devastating diseases and conditions. Medical research also delivers significant returns on investment and has a vital role to play in boosting our local and national economies”.

“The Government must continue to support this pioneering medical research and the impact that it has, by protecting the science budget”.

The drop-in, organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Medical Research, brought together researchers, patients, parliamentarians and government ministers to discuss the need to protect the science budget.

The UK’s medical research sector, funded by government, charities and industry, is world leading and continues to make a huge difference to the health of the nation by improving the lives of countless people with better treatments and new drugs.

Medical research is the UK’s favourite charitable cause, with around 7.6 million people donating each month, and every £1 increase in public funding for medical research stimulates up to £5 investment by industry.