Signs of a Happy Family !

Family retreat to relax and celebrate

Bikram Vohra exploring the signs of a happy family for Asian Lite News

Family retreat to relax and celebrate
Family retreat to relax and celebrate

I know a family where:

The husband steadily gets promoted, the children all do well in school and the wife runs a beautiful home and wears diamonds and is accomplished to boot.

Their FB page has pictures of them in Santorini, Gstaad and watching the British Open. Occasionally they post pictures of themselves in fancy restaurants where you don’t get your lips wet.

Their domestic help is respectful and hardworking and does not back answer or be bruisingly hurtful and take a walk despite you bending over backwards to be nice to them.

Inanimate objects like the water motors do not burn out, the fridge does not stop freezing, the a/cs do not drip water, maintenance is not a daily chore and dark glasses, car keys and socks never go missing. In that sense they do not spend half a day of every day looking for things that have gone missing.

They never have a financial crunch, no one spills red vino on their white couch and their car is always shiny clean.

family fightTheir TVs never stop working nor their iPhones go on the blink and no one over-bills them or says, your warranty has run out. 

Their teenage children never fight, threaten to run away or simply be insolent.

The gas never runs out when guests are arriving.

They never take loans, get rooked by not getting paid for work done and have people they trust con them.

They have life insurance, savings plans, investments and talk about Alaskan cruises like they were going to the Mall.

Sunbeams dance on their kitchen floor and they do not have an infestation problem which is unresolved even after the fumigators arrive and tics would never dream of approaching their dogs.

They do not get up in the morning stressing about what the day will bring.

How do they get there.

They are so perfect that Norman Rockwell would kill to paint them.