Stallone joins Warburton campaign

Sylvester Stallone

The bread price war in the UK has entered a new phase as Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone joined Warburton’s £18 million campaign.

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone

The campaign, called “The Deliverers”, was created by WCRS and debuted on ITV during Britain’s Got Talent. The 110-second ad, which contains nods to Stallone films including Rocky and The Expendables, is backed by print, outdoor and social media work.

The campaign aims to highlight the effort that Warburtons puts into delivering over two million loaves of bread to 16,000 shops every day.

Jonathan Warburton, the chairman of Warburtons, said: “We are the biggest baker in the UK to deliver fresh bread everyday. Our team of bakers and delivery drivers work around the clock, 362 days a year, to get fresh bread into the nation’s supermarkets all year round.”

Stallone said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Bolton and particularly loved spending time in the bakery. Maybe I should have stopped beating up bad guys a long time ago and gone into baking instead.”


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