Suroor’s arrest shocks Britain

Mr Hasan Suroor

Senior journalist Hasan Suroor has been remanded to custody after caught in a sting operation by an anti-paedophile vigilante group.

Mr Hasan Suroor
Mr Hasan Suroor

The news spread like wild fire and shocked the Indian community, especially the journalists, as he was one of the most respected and in the list to greet Prime Minister Narendra Modi at various press conferences to be held today. The prime minister is landing at 11 am today.

Unknown TV, the vigilante group, posted a video on its Facebook page that showed its members confronting 65-year-old Suroor after he purportedly travelled from Chelsea to Deptford in London on November 9 to meet a 14-year-old girl.

In the video, members of the group can be heard telling Suroor about details of his conversations with the girl, which, according to them, purportedly indicated he had arrived for a sexual encounter.

Suroor can be heard saying, “Look I tried to tell her that…I’m very old. I didn’t say I want to have sex, I said I leave it up to you entirely.” He repeatedly asks the members of the group to “forgive” him and says, “I’m not denying (it)…can you let me go with a warning?”

He does not deny the group’s accusations that he had conversations of sexual nature with the girl. The members of Unknown TV also hint that one of them had posed as the girl for online conversations with Suroor.

Reports in the international media quoted a spokesperson for British Transport Police as saying a 65-year-old man was arrested at Deptford Bridge railway station on November 9 and would be produced in court on Wednesday.

Suroor, who is based in London, writes columns for several Indian publications.