Tessa Tours Southall


Labour leader Tessa Jowell, who is campaigning to get nomination to become the London Mayor, meets Sikh and Hindu supporters in Southall…reports Asian Lite


Tessa Jowell was in Southall to visit two places of worship and met supporters for her mayoral campaign. Local MP Virendra Sharma and London Assembly Member Dr Onkar Sahota invited Tessa to visit the Gurdwara Guru Singh Sabha (the largest Gurdwara outside India), where she spoke to the congregation. Tessa was given a warm welcome by worshippers as she set out her vision for building One London. Tessa also said she would support the building of a memorial in London to commemorate Sikh sacrifice in the two World Wars.

The group then travelled to the Vishwa Hindu Temple to meet community leaders there.

 Tessa said: “It was an honour to join old friends in Southall and meet members of the Sikh and Hindu community. Their spirit of solidarity sets an inspiring example for London as a whole. I want to build One London, where everyone gets to share in our city’s success. But I can’t do it without the support of Londoners from across the city. With the help of those I met in Southall and many thousands of others, I will deliver the change that London needs.”

Virendra Sharma said: “I’ve lived in London for over forty-five years and I’ve known Tessa Jowell, not just as campaigner and colleague, but also as a friend for a very long time. I can’t think of a better friend of the South Asian Community or person to be Mayor of London. I have been campaigning for a statue to commemorate Sikh Soldiers for a long time, and Tessa has always wanted to recognise that London is a multicultural city founded on diversity. Communities like ours face tough years ahead, and a Labour mayor like Tessa will make London better than it is today for everyone that lives here.”

Sharma added that anyone in London can take part in Labour’s election to pick its candidate by becoming a registered supporter. Texting “LABOUR” to 78555 will cover the small registration fee of £3, he said.