Trauma Novel Pays Tribute to Bhopal Tragedy


The Bhopal disaster inspires Nina Joshi Ramsey’s new novel titled Life Walla. It examins the lasting trauma of humanitarian crises and highlights the ongoing plight of communities affected by disasters ….reports Asian Lite News

“At a time when our world is beset by natural and man-made disaster, Nina Joshi Ramsey really gets inside the psychology of disasters and the consequences that they wreak. It’s a very human book and the proceeds are for a good cause. I recommend it.” – Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes, British Psychological Society president.

Nina Joshi Ramsey with her new novel Life Walla
Nina Joshi Ramsey with her new novel Life Walla  @C credits Ash Photography & Design

For Dilkhush, everything overturned suddenly since the explosion that shattered her life, dreams and future in one go. With her daughter and husband dead, all she could do was flee, flee for her sanity. But three decades later, tormented by deep-seated distress and flashbacks, she is driven to return home.

Driven by hope for peace and resolution, even simply a normal life, but only if she can manage her growing desire for recompense and revenge…

Inspired by true events, Life Walla is a fictional account inspired by one of the world’s worst industrial accidents in modern history – the Bhopal disaster.

On the night of December 2nd, 1984, the Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, leaked a deadly cloud of poisonous gas on nearby shanty towns, claiming the lives of nearly 4,000 people and injuring nearly 600,000 more.

Thirty years on and 120,000 survivors still suffer from ill health, disability and psychological trauma, while continuing to fight for the financial compensation they need and deserve.

Life Walla draws on these terrible real-life events to paint a heartbreaking portrait of suffering and loss, yet also hope and survival against the odds. A deeply moving and often humorous novel which deftly blends light with darkness, Life Walla tells the story of Dilkhush, a feisty widow who returns to her beloved city 30 years after fleeing from the gas plant accident that saw her husband and daughter lose their lives, leaving her to cope with the fallout.

LIFEWALLA FRONT COVERWill her return help her find the peace and path to future happiness she so desperately craves, or will it instead bring back too many painful memories and set Dilkhush on the path of revenge?

Debut author Nina Joshi Ramsey has drawn upon her training and experience in stress management and mental trauma to examine, in particular, the psychological impact of humanitarian disasters.

All net proceeds from UK sales of Life Walla, which is suitable for readers aged 11 and upwards, will raise funds for the Chingari Trust Rehabilitation Centre and the Sambhavna Clinic in Bhopal, which treat those affected by the Bhopal disaster.

Speaking about the book, author Nina Joshi Ramsey – who trained with the Children and War Foundation in trauma recovery techniques for children involved in disasters – said: “Having visited the site of the Bhopal disaster and witnessed the immense lasting impact on local communities, I was moved to offer my support in any way I could.

“The invisible consequences on survivors’ mental health and well-being has been just as immense as the terrible physical injuries and birth defects and over 30 years later, survivors and their children are still haunted by what happened.

“In writing Life Walla I wanted to express to the sensitivities of the reader the enduring effects of psychological trauma by relating it to our shared human experience, while also raising vital funds for the charities that are working tirelessly to help those communities heal mentally and physically.”

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