‘Tuk tuk’ challenge raises £12,000 for charity


TUK TUK 1A Warwickshire businessman has raised a massive £12,000 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital after driving around India in a three-wheel rickshaw (or ‘tuk tuk’) with two of his friends.

Gary Redman, managing director at Now Careers, was inspired to take on the challenge for Birmingham Children’s Hospital – and in particular the heart investigations unit – after discovering he had problems with his own heart.
The ‘tuk tuk’ trek saw Gary and friends Adrian Duff and Donald Stout travel 1,800 miles across the widest part of India, from Jaisalmer in the North West to Shillong in the North East.

The trio set themselves the task of completing the journey in just 14 days, with no set route planned. Only the start and finish points were decided, so the trio had to rely on map reading, compass skills, a strong stomach and determination to get them across the notorious roads of India.

Gary, 46, said: “I know that my heart can’t fix itself but I count myself lucky that I am fit and healthy.

TUK TUK 2This is the reason why I want to be able to help others, because I know that by pushing myself I will be able to make a difference to the children treated at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

“My motto in life has always been to challenge myself mentally as well as physically as I believe it is this that will make me stronger.

“I think we all underestimated how difficult the challenge would be. We were told the trek would be dangerous, and it was, but we had amazing team spirit and this is what got us through.”
In total, the trek raised £12,200 which will be used by the hospital’s charity to fund equipment for its Heart Investigation Unit, a department which treats patients from birth to the age of 18 years old with conditions from heart murmurs to complex conditions.

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