UK to accept more Syrian refugees


British Prime Minister David Cameron said the UK will provide resettlement to “thousands” more Syrian refugees

Cameron said the extra refugees would come from UN camps bordering Syria, and not from among people already in Europe, BBC reported.

Britain would act with its “head and heart”, he said, as he pledged to find long-term solutions to the crisis. The prime minister has previously said accepting more people was not the simple answer to the situation.

Mr Cameron, who is currently in Lisbon for talks with his Portuguese counterpart, said more details would be set out next week following talks with organisations working in the region.

Calls for the UK to take in more refugees have intensified after the publication of a picture of the body of a drowned three-year-old Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, washed up a Turkish beach.

Mr Cameron said on Thursday that as a father he felt “deeply moved” by the image, but he has argued that taking on more people was not the simple answer. But it now appears that his stance is shifting amid pressure from public and political figures