Upahaar launches Gift of Life national campaign



Upahaar, a charity promoting organ, stem cell donation among South Asians, launched a national campaign to urge more people to join national organ and blood stem cell donor registry. Father Davis Chiramel , the Kidney priest of India, is leading the two week’s campaign titled Gift of Life.



Mr Siddiq Diwan, Imam at Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust, inaugurated the campaign in the presence of British Hindu Forum’s Ashit Sinha and Withington MP Jeff Smith besides several social, political and  religious leaders.

The campaign team include South Asian doctors, nurses, solicitors, journalists and several volunteers from the Asian community forums. The campaign will conclude at an event in London on June 6.

Father Chiramel said the best legacy for a person to leave in this life is helping a fellow being to carry on with his life.

“A person who helps a fellow being to survive will live for ever,” said Father Chiramel. “He will be remembered by his family and community for sacrificing something for the survival of a human being. Sharing life is next to godliness. Only a few people will get that opportunity and by joining with the organ and stem cell donation register, you are striving to be part of the humanity.

Father Chiramel, chairman of the Kidney Federation of India, said a person can leave his body to worms or to flames.

“He will be erased from this world within weeks or months,” Father Chiramel added. “But If he let his body to be used for the survival of fellow beings, he will get a chance to live more and will be remember for ever for his Gift of Life to humanity.”

Jeff Smith, newly elected MP from Withington, offered full support to the campaign and showed his worn Organ Donation card to the audience. Mr Smith has been carrying this card in his wallet since 1996!

The inaugural event was also witnessed an emotional reunion of Francis Assi, President of UUKMA with Mr Aromal, the recipient of his kidney. The family thanked Father Chiramel and Mr Assi for helping them at a critical phase of their life.

Dr Zainul Aabideen, chairman of Upahaar, welcomed the  guests and audience. Dr Sidiq explained the aims and objectives of Upahaar with a presentation. Councillors Peter Cockson, Rabnawaz Akbar, Mrs Azra Ali, Delete Blood Cancer’s Caroline Portlock, Fathr Saji of Wythenshaw, Manchester Malayaleee Association’s Polson, were among the guests delivered felicitation speech.

Upahaar volunteer Shajimon delivered vote of thanks and Anasudhin Azeez was the compere of the event.

The campaign will arrive in Glasgow and Sunderland on Sunday, Leeds and Sheffield on Monday, Oxford, Bristol on 30th Saturday, Gloucester and Cardiff on 31st Sunday, Basingstoke on 5th June and will conclude at an event in London on 6th.

Several prominent organisations and media are supporting the campaign. This include NHS BT, Delete Blood Cancer UK, UUKMA, Cardiff Malayalee association, Scotland Malayalee Association, Gloucester Malayalee Association, BRISKA, Wales Tamil Sangam, Muslim Health Network, National Council of Kerala Hindu Heritage, Asian Lite Newspaper, Kerala Link, British Malayalee Charity Foundation, UK Malayalam News, European Malayalam news, British Pathram and Friends Sporting Club.

For more details, please contact Dr Aabideen on 07725867054


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