Vaz Lauds Modi’s Historic Speech

Mr Keith Vaz MP
Keith Vaz, the longest serving MP of Asian origin, has expressed his delight with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic speech to a joint-session of the Houses of Parliament.
Mr Keith Vaz MP
Mr Keith Vaz MP

Keith Vaz said: “On his first day in the United Kingdom, Narendra Modi made history by becoming the first serving Indian Prime Minister to give a speech in the Houses of Parliament.

Not only that, but he delivered a forward thinking, inspiring and unifying address, highlighting the special relationship between our two countries. He is in every sense of the word, a statesman.

It was an honour to have met and spoken with the Prime Minister. I invited him to Leicester, the city with largest Indian community as a proportion of the population outside India, and I hope to give him a tour of our own ‘Mini-Gujarat’ during his next visit.

His two key announcements were also very welcome. First to simplify the OCI and POI regimes and secondly to restore direct flights from London to Ahmadabad. Both will be very well received.”