‘Walk arm in arm with Pakistan’, Khan tells EU leaders

Labour MEP Afzal Khan

North West Labour MEP, Afzal Khan, Vice-Chair for Security and Defence, called on the EU to support Pakistan’s efforts in its fight against terrorism in European Parliament.

Labour MEP Afzal Khan
Labour MEP Afzal Khan

Having led negotiations on behalf of the S&D group for the joint motion for resolution on Pakistan, Khan called on the EU to ‘walk arm-in-arm with Pakistan’ referring to the country as ‘the biggest victim of terrorism’ whilst condemning the recent terrorist attack in Peshawar.

During the debate, he stated: ‘Nothing can justify the brutality we witnessed a month ago in Peshawar.’

‘It was an act of cowardice to attack a school and kill 132 defenceless children.’

‘Unfortunately, Pakistan is the biggest victim of terrorism, more than 70,000 people have lost their lives. Mr President, this is the price Pakistan is paying in trying to keep the world safe.’

Khan stressed Pakistan’s ‘important role in fostering stability in the region’ and in turn called on the country to lead by example in strengthening the rule of law and human rights.  He also called on Afghanistan to co-operate with Pakistan in its fight against terrorism as well as for a ‘renewed international commitment to fight the financing and sponsorship of terrorism.’

Khan called on all leaders ‘to unite globally against radicalisation and extremism.’

Frederica Mogherini, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, stated that the ‘EU supports Pakistan in its fight against terrorism’ and is ready to support Pakistan further.

The resolution in support of Pakistan was passed with an overwhelming majority.

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