The toll across Nepal from the devastating April 25 earthquake has surged to 7,365, according to the latest update by the country’s home ministry. According to the update, the number of injured people has reached 14,355. The highest number of deaths has been recorded in the Sindhupalchowk district, which currently has soared to 2,838, while in Kathmandu the toll has steadily risen to 1,202.
As many as 10,744 government buildings have been flattened while 14,741 sustained partial damages. Similarly, as many as 191,058 houses belonging to the people were found to have been destroyed completely while 175,162 sustained partial damages.
In eastern region, 53 people are confirmed dead and 323 injured, while in mid-region the number of both those killed and the injured is the highest at 6,890 and 12,801 respectively. In the western region, the deaths have risen to 421 and the injured 1,205, while in the mid-western region two deaths and 26 injured have been reported.
In the far-western region, some seven government office buildings have been partially damaged and six houses have suffered minor damages. No causality has been reported in this region.

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