Paris vows to clean up streets


French authorities are set to introduce harsher penalties for littering in Paris in an attempt to clean up the capital’s reputation as a filthy city….reports Asian Lite News

parisThe filth on the streets of Paris has earned it an unwanted reputation among visitors of being one of the most dirty capitals in Europe, The Local news portal reported.

A survey conducted by American travel website TripAdvisor, travellers gave Paris poor marks for its cleanliness and there are reports that groups of Japanese expats are so fed up they’ve even started cleaning parks in the capital.

From October 1, those caught littering will face a hefty fine of 68 euros ($75), almost double the previous penalty of 35 euros ($39).

This includes dropping rubbish like cigarette butts and chewing gum on the city’s streets.

Last week, officials trawled the streets to issue fake fines as a final warning to those who litter.

The move follows a series of poster campaigns encouraging Parisians to respect their city, with tag lines like “We can do the maximum, but not the impossible” and “Cleaners clean up behind you. Let’s avoid littering after them.