Nargis Pins Hopes on ‘Azhar’


Model turned actress Nargis Fakhri is all set to celebrate the release of her upcoming film, Azhar, based on the life of Indian Cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin. She plays the role of the glamorous Sangita Bijlani, who forms an important part of the life of the former cricketer. She talks to Asian Lite reporter Subhadrika Sen, regarding her role in Azhar and her upcoming projects in an interview. . . .

Here are the excerpts. . . .

Nargis Fakhri
Nargis Fakhri

Subhadrika:  What attracted you towards playing the role of Sangita in ‘Azhar’?

Nargis: I think that it is based on a legend like an athlete who is a legend in his life. So it’s a true story and that is very interesting .I have never really done something like that .So this is certainly a new challenge for me.


Subhadrika: How did you prepare for this role?

Nargis: Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet the person in real life so I was left with watching old movies and you know googling on the internet to learn more about this person as well as the help from Tony D’souza, our director. He played a big part in helping me to understand how the person is, her characteristics, how she moved and how she behaved. So I had some workshops for that.


Subhadrika: Could you narrate any memorable experience during the shoot of the film?

Nargis: Memorable Experience. . .(Umm) I think everything is pretty memorable. Definitely when we were shooting the song ‘Bol Do Na Zaara ‘ that was pretty memorable because it was very cold and we were travelling all around London shooting that and I had to kiss Emraan Hashmi many times for that.


Subhadrika:  What was the biggest challenge about taking this role?

Nargis: The biggest challenge is that you are portraying someone who is alive and has been in public eye for so long that the public knows them so well. That you know to recreate or to become this character is a challenge, knowing that you will be compared.


Subhadrika: How was your bonding with your co-stars?

Nargis: Oh Gosh ! I loved all of them. They are really great. Emraan is such a down to earth professional person and so smart. He is really wonderful to talk about many other things instead of just films. He’s got knowledge about holistic feeling and alternative medicine, which I am very into. So we had really good conversations and laughs on set. And Prachi, working with her was just too much giggling and too much fun.


Subhadrika: What was it like working under Director Tony D’Souza? 

Nargis: It was nice. It was lovely. It was very easy-going and no drama, easy to work with. Easy to come to. He really helped me a lot.


Subhadrika:  A lot of people look up to you, who inspires you?

Nargis: Oh, Um I will have to say my mom inspires me.


Subhadrika:  Could you tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Nargis: Well so I have Azhar May 13th. I have Houseful 3 June 3rd. I have a cameo in Dishoom, July twenty something it’s coming out and I have Banjo August 19th.


Subhadrika:  Many actors today consider going into theatres, is there a chance of seeing you onstage in the future?

Nargis: Umm I have no idea. I mean I never say no but I don’t know what the future holds. But I won’t say no.


Subhadrika: So it depends on the script . . . . .

Nargis: No it depends on whoever I like takes me. It depends on how things go. How I feel or what I decide, which direction I want to go.


Subhadrika: What would your dream role be? 

Nargis: Dream role, I guess sort of like a Lara Croft Tomb Raider type of role.


Subhadrika:  Would you like to convey any message to your audience through Asian Lite News?

Nargis: Oh yes, I hope that everyone goes out and sees Azhar on May 13th. And I hope that we take you on an emotional journey. And that you enjoy the emotional journey that we take you on. It’s a lovely film. So yeah please go out and watch it May 13th Azhar.

Azhar releases in theatres on May 13th.