Rocky Baba Rocks in Bihar


What the heck has freezing Rocky’s passport got to do with the cold blooded killing of Aditya Sachdev…asks Bikram Vohra

crime sceneThey caught Rocky the Rifleman three days after he killed Aditya Sachdev in cold blood. Rocky has admitted to the murder. So we are told. Nitish Kumar has also told the nation that justice will be done which is a pretty decent step to take, like thanks for that, wouldn’t have it any other way. We are good. Lalu Prasad Yadav has condemned the shooting and said it will not be tolerated. No jungle raj he said which kind of makes Mowgli suspect but it is gratifying because say he had not condemned it what other options were available.

So all that badmouthing was for nothing. They are all doing the right thing. Rocky baba was only fifteen kilometres away but they tracked him down and that is good sleuthing. And we would all be very happy with the way things are going in this high profile highhanded height of political arrogance in which a life was snuffed out if it wasn’t for two factors that wriggle wormlike in the mind.

If the gunson (my word, made up by me) has confessed why do the police need one month to write up a chargesheet. Where is this such a steep hill to climb. Get the blighter a lawyer, read him his rights and charge him with murder.

His dad is in jail and now Mama has been arrested for having six bottles of alcohol in her house. Talk about several birds with one stone.
Instead of just getting on with it they are going to check up where he got his gun license from and freeze his passport so he doesn’t do a Vijay Mallya.

As they say in showbiz: zat ees ze point I don’t get. Two points. Does it make any damn difference where he got the license from or whether the gun was licensed or not? Then again where is Sunshine going? Isn’t he under arrest, in jail, behind bars, facing charges, so what’s with this passport thing and why is it such a violent priority.

I mean here is a 30 year old man with an armoury at home whose daddy has just been arrested and remanded to 14 days custody for reasons we do not quite know but Da is a poster child for violence in the past and post sonny boy’s arrest the first major step is to block his passport. That means he can fly to Delhi or Mumbai or Pune once he gets bail. You need to ask why he shoots people not worry about him going abroad unless he isn’t staying locked up.

Okay may that is the system and we don’t want him using his clout to attempt a jailbreak and fly off the Venezuela so while Mumsie the MLC (mamma loving care as compared to TLC) is working the political machine and reassuring us that the law will be withheld and the truth will come out Rocky is a guest of the government of which his ma is an integral part.  We all know what that means. Rocky will have a change of heart in this one month period, a revelation that his confession was coerced and he never killed anybody. So the police have to look for a killer. By now Rocky will, like Lady Macbeth, have washed the gun powder residue off his hands and wrist so there will be nothing to tie him to the fired weapon.

While Aditya’s friends have borne witness to the events which unfolded the security people are saying nothing. You’d think that by now the men in uniform who were with him would have sung like canaries unless they have been told to shut up, will you, no one asked your opinion.

And another thing I would love to know. Really I would. Cross my heart. How did they locate Rocky? What assurances were given and by whom before Rocky on the run became Rocky the Rueful and let himself be caught.  Handle him with kid gloves. Bring him in gently and give him din din and let him have a cell to himself, he has had a tough time. Tomorrow he will be quoted as being abjectly sorry and remorseful for what happened.

Against that background by next week the frightened and intimidated four friends of the dead Aditya will go underground and discover they have to be several hundred miles away on urgent business.  Watch how it unfolds and finally gets stuck, a stalemate in which the judge will be given skinny shreds of insufficient evidence to hold Rocky and he will ride again.
But look at the bright side. Lalu Prasad has condemned the killing.