Kejriwalji, Sidhuji is not a messiah!

Cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu addresses during a public meeting in Kanpur. FILE PHOTO

It’s Navjot Singh Sidhu, not a messiah: Why is it BJP’s or AAP’s gain?….writes Bikram Vohra

Cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu addresses during a public meeting in Kanpur. FILE PHOTO
Cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu addresses during a public meeting in Kanpur. FILE PHOTO

Would anyone really care that Navjot Singh Sidhu did the dirty on the first day of the Monsoon Session by dumping the Upper House and the BJP and becoming not just another rank and file AAP member but its chief ministerial face for Punjab in case the Kerjriwal chariot thunders through?
Not really, they won’t.

The very fact that the man can be chosen to lead a party and be its spearhead in creating government underscores the paddle pool depth of our political system. Nothing goes against these people. Anybody with any record or no record at all can grab the ring of power and even get it. This former cricketer was in the Rajya Sabha for three months before he threw the towel which kind of gives you an idea of the respect he has for the House. Why did he accept the nomination if it was to be so contemptuous of it?

Now, I have nothing against Sidhu for his raucous laughter or his often over the top one-liners and if he was in contention against Kapil Sharma in a giggling match it would be fun. For some. But this is faintly ridiculous. Sidhu marketed as Chief Minister being seen as a blow to the BJP and a huge victory for the AAP makes no sense on any scale. He has no political pedigree as such and has done very little in that realm of politics with a wafer-thin bio for the past twelve years as a Member of Parliament.

He was wasn’t given a ticket in 2014 and then just sort of charmed into a nomination in the Rajya Sabha to stop him from joining the AAP. Clearly, the sulk has continued. And two years later he has done just that. Quit the Upper House and trotted off to join Kejriwal.

One can only reckon it as an endless Comedy Night and with so many clowns in the political arena, so what’s one more? We will be regaled with absurd bon mot, cruelly wrenched puns and heart-breaking and forced rhetoric as Sidhu becomes the AAP voice. Between his shrill parodies and Kejriwal’s endless wailing this is an orchestra that would have musicians wringing their hands in agony. Expect high-decibel levels of crudeness over the next seven months.

What I do not understand is the excitement over this development as if it was a winning ‘surprise’ move in a chess game. Check and mate. What possible factors could make it such a major issue?
It’s Navjot Singh Sidhu, not a messiah.

And yet, this morning it is all about how India’s Mr Bean will change the dynamics and the youth will follow this pied piper and the BJP has shot itself in the foot and Sidhu’s feisty, robust, aggressive personality (not my words) will have a very positive impact.

Really, we might as well put Pammy Aunty on the card and have a full house.
There is a sadness to it all in that if while humour is an awesome and difficult distillation of seriousness when we find grand virtue in people without a track record to speak for them, what we really do is make an imbecile out of the voting public. The voter is reduced to a half-wit, some sort of a piece of putty to play with. We trivialise the whole electoral system.

Let Sidhu stand. That is his prerogative. If he can live with his perfidy so be it. If Arvind Kejriwal is beaming like headlights in a fog, in what he sees as a cerebral master stroke, let him.
If the BJP is kicking itself for having failed to recognise the Sidhu ‘potential’, well, hard luck.
But let’s not set it all to music.
Pammy Aunty, to the rescue please.