Conman Gets Four Year Jail


A Dubai based British business woman demands stronger punishment for a conman who cheated her with a Dh5.5 million (£1 million) investment . . . . reports Asian Lite News

Robert Hiom

A financial investment scam has been unearthed in Dubai. Rach Al Khawaja, a Dubai based businesswoman who had invested around Dh5.5 million (about one million pounds) on PanopticFX digital firm has been cleverly cheated by the owner of the firm.

Robert Hiom who knew Khawaja very well and was also the godfather of her youngest child, cheated on her and her family leaving them bankrupt.

Khawaja and her husband took the decision of investing such a large sum in the Hiom’s project because he was a close friend of theirs. But little did they know that their hard earned money was being wasted in leading an extravagant lifestyle as well as paying the rents of a villa in Palm Jumeirah.

According to Rach Al Khawaja, “He [Robert Hiom] has left us shattered and financially bankrupt. He was a dear friend and the godfather to our youngest daughter. We trusted him with our life savings, but he betrayed us by spinning an elaborate web of deceit to con us.”

Hiom has been presented in front of the Wood Green Crown Court in London where he was found guilty of conning the couple and was sentenced to four and a half years of prison term. However, Khawaja demands for a stronger punishment so that innocent people do not get cheated by people like Hiom. In fact, she has admitted to have knowledge of another person who was duped by him. She also worries that he might move to Dubai after serving prison time to cheat other people in the future.