Belgium Honours Serrano

Photographer Andres Serrano
Photographer Andres Serrano
Photographer Andres Serrano

The Royal Society of Fine Arts, Brussels is lauding the creativity of ace photographer Andres Serrano with an exhibition. . . . reports Asian Lite

Andres Serrano, the American photographer is showcasing a ‘retrospective’ exhibition of his work in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Belgium. Serrano, who considers himself to be a ‘self-taught’ photographer has been extremely bold in capturing his images. He has experimented with various styles and themes including religion, death, sex and violence. In fact, such experiments have often created controversies around his imagination and works of art. He has also worked with photographs of corpses and created art out of them. Some of his most celebrated artworks as well as his new collection- ‘Denizens of Brussels’ have been displayed by the Museum of Fine Arts in Belgium.

It is very easy to click beautiful frames and become a photographer; but it is difficult to create works of art with everyday happenings coupled with one’s own imagination. Thus, Serrano can be rightly called an artistic photographer.

The Other Christ (2001) From The Interpretation of Dreams
The Other Christ – From The Interpretation of Dreams

Many of Serrano’s photographs have been criticised and almost considered to be blasphemous. But in reality, his photographs explores the very basic instincts of mankind. He pays close attention to details and happenings of the world. He transforms day to day mundane activities into meaningful pieces of artworks. He observes reality and portrays them through his exhibitions.

The Royal Society of Fine Arts, pays a tribute to his ability to beautifully present emotions and reality. The exhibition displays some masterpieces of his career including his latest work. To challenge the norms of censorship, some of his previously vandalised artworks have also been put up.

Here, a glimpse of his newest work- ‘The Denizens of Brussels’.