Abda’s Debut Novel ‘Stained’ Ready for Release


Solihull-based British Asian writer Abda Khan’s debut novel Stained will soon available in the bookshops…writes Asian Lite News

Abda bookAbda Khan, a lawyer-turned-writer, whose debut novel, Stained, draws readers in with the effortless combination of an intense storyline that is tinged with elements of the unexpected. Khan’s skillful characterisation facilitates a relationship with the heroine, and allows the reader to become immersed in her world. The book will be published by Harvard Square Editions in the USA for release on the 3 October.

“Stained examines the pressures of cultural taboos and sensitivities faced by women in society, and how they affect their life profoundly,” said Julian Knight, MP and former BBC journalist.  “Ultimately, it explores human endurance in the face of extreme adversity, and the extent to which, eventually, one is left with nothing but hope. The plot and characters draw the reader in from the very first page. Abda Khan has skilfully produced a novel that is both compelling and thought-provoking. A thoroughly captivating book.”

The protagonist is an eighteen-year old daughter of Pakistani immigrants. In the delivery of the story, Khan demonstrates a unique ability to balance themes such as the loss of innocence, judgment, justice and coming of age with hope, emancipation and growth.

Solicitor turned writer Abda Khan
Solicitor turned writer Abda Khan

The narrative is fast paced, the storyline is gripping, and the characters are engaging. The novel tackles many pressing cultural, social and moral issues that are prevalent in the Pakistani/Muslim and other Asian communities in Britain today, particularly pertaining to the position and rights of women. Khan’s masterful characterisation and dramatic plot lend an eloquent voice to women who currently do not have a voice at all, and expose the traumatic abuse faced by women in many cultures.

Abda Khan is the seventh of eight children born to Pakistani immigrant parents. Abda was the first child in her family to go on to higher education. She is a criminal lawyer with her own practice. Stained is her debut novel. Khan was inspired to write this novel as a result of her experiences. The community described in the novel is similar to the one in which she lived (she grew up in a very deprived, inner city area), and one in which she has worked (her law practice is based in a very working class, multi-cultural town). She has personally seen and dealt with many of the problems that are highlighted by the novel.