II DAY YUVA MAHOTSAV: Young Stars on Stage


Milapfest and The Bhavan present a spectacular New Festival in London celebrating the next generation of Classical Artistes.  Today is the second day of Yuva Mahostsav which is a celebration of youth – July 16 – Saturday – 4pm ….reports Asian Lite News

Bhavan Yuva Mahotsav promo Asian Lite Logo 2The second day of the cultural extravaganza has an Odissi and Kuchipudi Dance sessions in the afternoon and a  Karnatic Concert in the evening.

In this double-bill showcase which is at 4 PM, dance lovers will be in for a treat with two Indian classical dance styles rarely seen in the UK, Odissi and Kuchipudi, both extremely beautiful forms. The first half has a performance in Odissi by Irina Kommisarova.

Irina Komissarova
Irina Komissarova

Within the world of Odissi, Irina Komissarova has quickly established herself as one of the leading Odissi dance artists in Europe. She has trained under India’s most reputable school of Odissi, Srjan, and has also established a school of her own in Moscow. In this festival opening performance, Irina takes us through a magical journey of stories and emotions which mirror our daily lives, all whilst showcasing the very best of Odissi repertoire.

The second half of the afternoon has a kuchipudi performance by Prateeksha Kashi, `Sringara Taranga – The Waves of Love.’ Sringara or love is considered as the queen of all rasas (emotions) in the context of Indian Classical Dance.

Prateeksha Kashi

The waves of passion, commitment and undeterred zeal that makes one sail through the journey of life seem to emerge from this one strong force. This Kuchipudi recital is an attempt to bring forth the essence of sringara through traditional and Kuchipudi compositions and the choreography of Prateeksha’s mother and guru Vyjayanthi Kashi.

The evening showcase begins at 7:30pm, with a Bansuri flute recital by Flute Jayanth, and HN Bhaska on Violin and Neyveli Venkatesth on Mridangam. Jayanth is one of the most promising flautists on Carnatic music scene today.


A prodigy, Jayanth was driven from a young age by in-born talent and enthusiasm for the bamboo flute. He is known for his refined fingering and blowing technique enabling him to switch over to the bass and double bass flutes with ease to cover lower octaves, which is acclaimed as a hallmark in his recitals. In this dazzling concert, audiences can expect to hear a selection of ragas which are present in both Hindustani and Carnatic music traditions. World renowned maestros HN Bhaskar and Neyveli Venkatesh feature alongside Jayanth.

The tickets are prices at £12 for stalls and £8 for Balcony.

Bhavans extends an offer to attend both the afternoon and evening concerts at 40% discount, where the stalls will be £12both and balcony £10 for both.

TOMORROW – Day 3 – Yuva Mahotsav – SUNDAY

Bhavan Yuva Mahotsav promo Asian Lite Logo 3The third day has Hindustani music concerts and kuchipudi dance. The afternoon showcase starts at 4:00 PM with Prabhat Rao on Hindustani vocal and Kousic Sen on Tabla and Rekesh Chauhan on Harmonium. Prabhat Rao, of the Patiala Gharana, is a leading Hindustani Classical Vocalist of the younger generation. Based in London, he has had rigorous training under Guru Chandrima Misra of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, UK.

In addition to his understanding of the Raagas and command over Laya, his focus has always been around the aesthetics of Khyal and bringing out the Bhava in every composition that he presents. He demystifies this ancient art form and ensures that both learned and new audiences leave with an appreciation of his Khyal. Prabhat presents a beautiful afternoon Raaga along with much loved thumri’s and bhajans. Prabhat will be joined on stage by tabla maestro Kousic Sen and accomplished Harmonium artist Rekesh Chauhan.

Arunima Kumar
Arunima Kumar

This will be followed by a kuchipudi performance by Arunima Kumar, who is an award winning and versatile Kuchipudi performer, choreographer and teacher. She is known as a thought leader of her generation for her innovative, cutting edge and engaging performance style.

She showcases Sthree – The Divine Trio, in the idiom of neo-classical Kuchipudi, features specially commissioned text and music. Rati, Sita & Sati are worshipped as Goddesses in Hindu mythology. Each is different in Her identity, physicality and mythical journey, yet, as wives and women, they are united in a shared narrative of love, duty and self-sacrifice. The Bronte Trio have reflected the same ethos through their moving poems and this will be woven through Arunima’s Sthree and celebrate womanhood, especially the Bronte sisters.

The evening showcase, which starts as usual at 7:30pm will have a violin concert by the sisters Ragini Shankar & Nandini Shankar, accompanied by Kousic Sen on Tabla.

Ragini Shankar & Nandini Shankar
Ragini Shankar & Nandini Shankar

Born into a family with a rich musical lineage spanning over seven generations, Ragini and Nandini Shankar began their training in Hindustani violin from a very young age, learning from their mother Dr. Sangeeta Shankar and illustrious grandmother Padmabhushan Dr. N Rajam, ace violinists of India. Ragini and Nandini are unsurprisingly highly gifted in their talents, showing brilliance in their performances with astounding accuracy, tonal quality, exceptional fingering and break-neck bowing techniques. The celebrated sister perform a dazzling set of compositions accompanied by virtuoso tabla artist Kousic Sen.

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