Mothers Launch Yoga App for Kids

London based young professional mothers Rashmi, Jagruti launch a new yoga App – CHEEKY YOGI useful for kids….reports Asian Lite News 
Rashmi, Jagruti introduce yoga App for kids Cheeky Yogi Ltd. announces the launch of “Super Yoga Bedtime”, a superhero-themed yoga and mindfulness app that helps children wind down and let go of all the “stuff” from their day. This bedtime app is packed with yoga sequences and creative visualisations to help children become strong and relaxed. It tracks the number of minutes practised and rewards good habits with “Superpowers” so it makes yoga and mindfulness fun, getting children excited about their practice and making it a part of their home routine.
“Super Yoga Bedtime” is built around the charming story of a young boy Sid, who discovers his inner Superhero as he goes deeper into his yoga and mindfulness practice. Establishing a regular practice from an early age means children can grow up with a toolkit for relaxing and dealing with big emotions like anger, sadness and anxiety. It means they feel happier, more confident in themselves and all their amazing qualities shine through more freely.
What makes “Super Yoga Bedtime” different?
Rashmi, Jagruti introduce yoga App for kids Everything is under 10 minutes so it’s easy to squeeze in and perfect for little attention spans. It’s also the first children’s yoga and mindfulness app to encourage a regular home practice. One-off sessions can be a great pick-me-up but the best results come through regular practice. It’s like the difference between showering now and then and showering every single day.
The special features of the app include:
• 3 bedtime yoga sequences with detailed guidance to ensure safe alignment
• 5 magical visualisation journeys to spark the imagination
• 2 calming breathing techniques
• A Superhero Scoreboard to track minutes and days of practice
• Superpower badges to inspire discussion around qualities like empathy and resilience, developing emotional literacy
• The shortest set of kids’ yoga and mindfulness activities – easy to slot into a bedtime routine but they still pack a powerful punch
Based in London and set up by 2 mums with 3 babies under 2.5 years between them, Cheeky Yogi’s mission is to help children learn to deal with big emotions from an early age because nothing should hold them back from reaching their full potential. “Super Yoga Bedtime” is Cheeky Yogi’s debut app, the first in a series of apps and children’s yoga and mindfulness products built around this theme. Early Years teacher and Co-founder Jagruti Tank comments, “Being a teacher I understand how jam-packed the timetable is – there is hardly any down-time for children these days. So we came up with the idea of an app. Something that parents can do at home, a way of reconnecting with their children in the midst of their busy lives, and bedtime seemed perfect.”
Rashmi, Jagruti introduce yoga App for kids Co-founder and former lawyer Rashmi Sirdeshpande adds, “We wanted to build something that really makes a difference. We’ve experienced first-hand the impact a strong practice can have in an increasingly fast-paced and high-pressure world. Imagine growing up with this. It’s what we want for our kids. It’s what every child deserves.”
The app is Priced at : £2.29 useful for the Age: 4+, designed for ages 6-8
Platform: iPad, requires iOS 7.0 or later inform the mothers.
Rashmi with children
Rashmi with children